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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 6th January 2015
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Drifting snow blurred the focus! Ciste T-bar went off early due to the wind freshening.

Learning by the Polar Express in the Top Basin.

This was a bad idea.... Trying to get to the carpark was beyond combat riding, ridge route broken too.

Snow shower reducing visibility on the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Heading off from the Top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Looking down the new fence line from the Ptarmigan Traverse back into the Bowl.

The Traverse is broken at the top of the M1 where wind blew along the fence.

Upper Coire Cas had windblown fresh and still still has a good base, but run to it and from it not complete.

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Limited snowsports were on offer on Tuesday in the Top Basin, but this was further restricted from early afternoon by the Ciste T-bar closing as the wind begun to rise. As it did so more snow showers came in, reducing visibility at times.

The Top Basin has mostly reasonable cover, but the very top of the Fairway has a couple of narrow bits where it's not accumulated much depth due to scouring. Firm to hard snow, mostly grippy, but turning into the Ptarmigan Bowl off the Ptarmigan Traverse was slick enough to be catching a few folk out in the flat light in the afternoon.

The best prospect is the Upper Cas which is in good shape, has a robust base and had caught a few inches of windblown fresh, but there is currently no complete run to it or from it. Where the very mild wind yesterday aligned with the fences the cover has been more or less wiped out. Such as top of the M1 Poma where there is a gap on the Traverse and another at the Traverse / M1 RaceTrack split.

Much of the Zig Zags are more or less back to square one, there's a bit of snow where a couple of the cannons have had some use and Chicken Gully is broken and the lower Cas Tow track was stripped. It would not take a huge amount to get the Traverse and a route to the middle viable, but it's whether enough will stick in the right places with the strength of wind likely to survive the mild sectors from the coming storms.

Sadly the mountain has been going backwards not forwards with each storm cycle and that's never good! Just about anything could happen over the next week, so it's sit back, wait and watch! Keep up the snow dances.
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