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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 20th February 2015
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Gunbarrel fairly flat, good early but some scrapped hard patches late on.

Zig Zags being topped up with the T40s, they are in good nick.

Zig Zags are pretty good thanks to heavy piste basher traffic and snow making.

Looking over Coire Cas from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma top. No route onto White Lady.

Ridge Poma running, so still two ways up from base.

Top of the M1 Poma, no skiable route to White Lady though.

Looking down the Ciste T-bar, the Top Basin is still in great shape.

This is a pretty high snow fence, so good depth right across the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking up the Ciste T-bar, full cover across the Fairway and Bowl.

Moody skies at the end of the day on the Ciste Fairway.

Traverse is well loaded with snow above the fences the whole length, but little other snow on this aspect.

Battleship box rail in the Cas Terrain Park.

Upper Cas has good cover, couple of kickers were being shaped this afternoon and the Nessie Rollers are back on the Fiacaill Traverse.

The five TechnoAlpin snow guns were all running as night fell, 3 on the Zig Zags, 2 by the Sheiling Trainer tow. Carpark Run skiable.

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The wind let up for Friday and the mountain was open to the top again, with top to Daylodge riding on offer on the Cas side giving the full Cas side vertical of 1750ft, with the Fiacaill Ridge Poma running as an alternative way up from the base to the Funicular.

Best conditions are in the Top Basin and on Coire Cas, Upper Cas is pretty wide still and the Gunbarrel fairly flat, though it was a bit variable with scrapped patches of hard icy snow late in the day. The Zig Zags are in good shape and heavy piste basher traffic and the snow making is keeping surfaces fairly decent.

There is a skiable route to the Daylodge via the Carpark Run that is at least 1 machine width the whole way and snow farming and two T40 snow guns are gradually improving this again. It is possible to also get down by the Fiacaill Sideslope but the snow is pretty hard off the groomers.

The White Lady still has reasonable cover on the actual Lady snow field, but there are no skiable routes onto it. Just patches on the direct routes and Lady Luck, while the M1 SideTrack approach is just patches of snow joined by narrow strips of water ice. So on Friday only green and blue graded terrain was officially open. M1 RaceTrack would be skiable on spring snow, but rock slalom is a bad sport on icy hardpack!

In the Ciste below the Top Basin there is still decent snow cover on the main natural runs, but the M2 is broken and the snow around the WWP area is icy hard pack so currently no uplift there. See www.savetheciste.com .
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