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Glencoe // Saturday 2nd May 2015
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Looking down lower Happy Valley, can still access the Wall this way though narrow.

Mind your head passing under the Cliffhanger Chair from the Canyon or High Road!

Wee ride on box at the foot of Mugs Alley. Two pipe jibs below.

Groomed track on the High Road for bypassing the thin and narrow section of Mugs Alley.

Mugs Alley at the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Wide and deep cover in the Main Basin, a lot of people seemed to just be lapping here.

A couple of minutes patience rewarded with clearing visibility at the top of the Main Basin.

Don't like the weather, wait a few minutes!

People hanging around for a snow shower to clear through and visibility to improve at the top of the Main Basin.

Were these guys digging in for the night at the top of the Wall?Wall

The Wall is in good shape with a wide cover, bit choppy in places because of amount of cross traffic as people ski different directions.

Wide cover in and by the Canyon, most people were staying that side, which meant they were knocking loose snow into the gully.

Cliffhanger Chair and the Canyon. Huge depth of snow here and still not a sign of the 'bum hole'.

Great snow in the gully of the Canyon all day, caught more later as the wind freshened.

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It was a cold one and very definitely not t-shirt skiing weather at Glencoe on Saturday 2nd May, Sunday is looking windier so check the reports in the morning as uplift could possibly be affected.

Monday at this stage is looking good for the bank holiday and with new snow and significant drifting tonight and Sunday the mountain should have a refresh for the las day of daily snowsports operations. The snow is now fairly packed from heavy ski/board traffic over the past 3 days, though fresh snow could be found - though the freshening wind was shifting it around. Main Basin has been grooming up well each morning,

Still huge cover on the mid and upper mountain, depths in Ski Tow Gully and at the top of the Main Basin are good bit ahead of this time last year.

Plateau Poma is running for access, though the drifting snow tonight may improve the Low Road and Poma run and fill in the short breaks on these. It's still possible to use either to ski back to the top of the Access Chair at the end of the day with a bit of grass hopping. Please don't ski/board down the Poma uptrack as that will shorten it's life and people prefer taking the Poma up to walking to the Plateau Cafe! :)
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