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Glencoe // Tuesday 21st April 2015
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A rail, 2 pipe jibs, ride on box, large kicker, medium kicker and various rollers in the Park.

Top of the Main Basin, great fast granular spring snow and still wide top to bottom.

Thrombosis is a great wee red for those advancing from the blues, no sign of the gully but wee bumps building.

The Main Basin motorway, lay out some big turns here and an even wider smile on the perfect spring snow.

Plateau Poma still doing it's thing for access to the main area. Mid and upper mountain still offering great riding.

Canyon is utterly loaded, still fun lines with growing bumps under the Cliffhanger Chair.

Top of Mugs Alley, along with the Bunny Run provides a green off the Cliffhanger Chair.

Wall still has great cover and the Wall Crossover also still in good nick, wide cover into bottom of Cliffy Chair still.

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The Plateau Poma is still running for Access to the mid and upper mountain, where the natural snowfields and gullies that form the bulk of the runs retain a mostly wide and deep cover with some great spring snow riding on offer.

Confident intermediates upwards will get the most out of Glencoe, though there is still a green run off the Cliffhanger Chair. Mugs Alley is complete, but there's a narrow and thin pinch point just below the corner and cutting into the Bunny Run or High Road gives a much wider run back to the base of the Cliffhanger Chairlift.

In between the legs of Mugs Alley, Thrombosis provides a short red with nice spring snow bumps forming as there is below the Cliffhanger Chair. Canyon is loaded and wide and the Wall and Wall Crossover also still in great shape mid-mountain.

Main Basin on the upper slopes is still wide top to bottom and remains completely flat through the Haggis Trap. There is a park on the area between the Main Basin and Happy Valley with an advanced rail, ride on box, 2 pipe jibs and a big and medium kicker and a variety of rollers.

Rannoch Glades is getting little traffic so is lovely smooth spring snow. Spring Run is getting a bit moguled, but remains wide. Lots of various lines possible in and around the Flypaper bowl, East Ridge and Spring Paper provide less steep lines that allow you to suss out the main pitch.

Snow likely to be firm first thing if skies clear overnight, quickly loosening into great granular spring snow.
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