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Glencoe // Sunday 28th December 2014
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The biggest queue was at the end of the day as nearly everyone stayed till the light was going as the weather was good.

The Haggis Trap doesn't look like being that interesting a feature this season, but maybe just as well as there is no alternative yet.

Looking up a deserted Main Basin at the end of the day, weather station anti-icing heater now up and running at Summit.

Top of the Main Basin with the shadows lengthening in the afternoon on Rannoch Moor.

Looking up the Main Basin below the Haggis Trap, the corner to the T-bar got a bit gritty late on - go slowly here.

The longest wait was after someone wrapped a t-bar round the top tower of the Wall - please respect the lifts, stoppages mean less sliding.

Looking up the Canyon and Cliffhanger Chairlift. Canyon is steeply banked, but good fun for experienced riders.

The Main Basin T-bar made it's season debut on Sunday, Ski Tow Gully reasonably filled.

Rule no 1 of Snowsports. Always ski while others have gone for lunch, no waits at all over the lunch period.

Late morning Sun at the base of the Plateau Poma. Several hundred came up to play in the snow - free sledges at the Plateau Cafe.

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Another fine weather day at Glencoe and another good weather day is forecast for Monday, if you can get up then go for it, Tuesday might be OK but is likely to be more overcast. The weather looks like breaking down mid-week, so if you can get up before then do it!

Glencoe was busier than Saturday, but queues were mostly non existent in the morning except when the Main Basin T-bar was starting up.

It was a bit busier in the afternoon, but the longest wait was brought about by quite a lengthy stoppage on the Wall T-bar (apparently caused by a t-bar wrapped around the top tower - so please respect the lifts and use them carefully, mis-use leads to stoppages which means more queuing and less sliding).

With heavier skier traffic a few scrapped patches appeared on the Main Basin and on the steeper bit of Mugs Alley, but the winch cat should see to those for the morning. The Main Basin was a delight first thing on the groomers, and the Haggis Trap is a motorway by it's standards.

Some good riding to be had, the Spring Run was popular today for more advanced riders. Typical early season conditions, mostly decent surfaces but with thin/narrow areas in places, notably top of Mugs Alley and the Plateau, though the grass is very forgiving on the Plateau!

See Saturday's photos for more pictures of the middle mountain terrain. Spring Run and Main Basin are open on the upper mountain. The Flypaper is closed, it's seriously steep and is baring teeth to bite anyone who gives it a go and gets it wrong!
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