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Glencoe // Tuesday 10th March 2015
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The end of the road on the Darkside - but only a couple of minutes from the Downhill Track bridge.

Looking up the Black Access Run, still get more than 3/4 way to Carpark. Nice Spring snow down here.

Corner of Mugs Alley still wide and easy going.

Looking down the Black Access Run on the Darkside of the Access Chair.

Top of the Cliffhanger Chair looking along the upper leg of Mugs Alley.

Main Basin is a wide motorway, great machine packed powder from here up, but hardpacked through the Haggis Trap.

Boarder lays out a turn on the Main Basin.

Happy Valley icy and scoured at the top, put people off, but the narrows was less hard than the Haggis Trap down.

View down the Main Basin.

Mugs Alley is wide and loaded all the way to the middle lifts.

Base of the Main Basin T-bar.

Assume this is preparing a line for some park features on the High Road.

Despite a battering over the weekend with biblical rainfall and very high winds, Meall a' Bhuiridh still in good shape.

Over Mugs Alley to a loaded Thrombosis from the top of the Plateau Poma.

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A few snow showers early cleared to a largely bright afternoon with light winds. Dusk was a clear and calm affair in stark contrast to the violent storm of Monday night when a wind speed of 138mph was observed on the Access Chair at around 2000ft.

Alas the fine evening is not a precursor to a glorious Wednesday, the wind will pick up in the early hours and Severe Gale or Storm Force winds are forecast for Wednesday, though they should bring a good bit of new snow fall to the mountain.

Despite the battering from the weather over the weekend, all runs up on the mountain remain complete. Apart from the Plateau which is a bit thin and narrow, the majority of the runs retain a deep and wide cover with an excellent consolidated base. Indeed the adventurous can still get most of the way to the Carpark via the Black Access Run on the Darkside, a couple of short bits of heather hoping will get you to a couple of minutes hoof of the downhill bike track bridge - beats taking the Chair down when the snow is loose below 2000ft.

Surface conditions were variable, even on individual runs after a snap thaw freeze yesterday and snow showers overnight. The Main Basin was machine packed powder on a firm base for the top 2/3rds, but the Haggis Trap area down to the Rescue Station was hard packed and quite slick in spots. Check updates in the morning, wind may affect uplift from the start.
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