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Glencoe // Saturday 23rd May 2015
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Looking down the Canyon from outside the Rescue Station.

Biker hits the gap jump on a practice run for the SDA downhill race.

Access Chair open daily wind permitting. Red bike track open, black track due to open this weekend weather permitting.

Looking up from the Plateau track, the upper and mid-mountain snowfields still loaded.

New culvert and wider smoothed section of track on the combined red/black bike track before the split.

There are cracks and 'crevasses' that cold swallow a dinosaur on the East Ridge, side of Flypaper and in the Canyon (in photo)... be careful!

Heading for the foot of Mugs Alley via Thrombosis and the High Road.

Looking up the Flypaper Bowl, huge depth of snow here still.

Traversing off the Spring Run towards the Flypaper Bowl.

View down the Spring Run, great Spring Snow on Friday.

Heading up the Main Basin towards Island Rock.

View down the Main Basin from just below the top of the T-bar.

Right in the middle of the Haggis Trap - still flat!

Ski Tow Gully, best to skin up here then cut right above the Haggis Trap, as the trap is a bit steep for skinning on spring snow.

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Late running photos from Friday, left camera behind! Doh!

Early in the week there was some fresh tracks to be had, but slightly milder mid-week weather turned the fresh snow very gloopy and slow. Tourer returning to the carpark on Wednesday afternoon reported straightening the Spring Run because he had too!

Milder conditions prior to Friday meant it was back to more spring like snow on Friday with the surface conditions much quicker again, giving lovely riding for those prepared to do the leg work, with the Main Basin, Spring Run, Flypaper, Wall, Canyon, Thrombosis and the High Road all seeing action through the day.

It's turned colder again and at time of upload (Thursday 28th) fresh snow was falling to below the top of the Access Chair. Nice fairly dry fresh snow on the upper mountain, more snow tonight and tomorrow. Wrap up well and there should be fresh tracks had for those willing to earn them Friday.

Forecast better for Saturday, but snow may get sticky if it warms up a bit and the Sun comes out. There should still be tons of spring snow around for mid-summer turns on Sunday 21st June, Cliffhanger Chair will run in the morning to get skiers and boarders up to the base of the upper mountain snowfields.
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