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Glencoe // Monday 27th April 2015
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Err well going up the Main Basin T-bar mid afternoon!

Brighter interlude between the near constant April snow showers in the afternoon at the Summit.

Drifting snow blows over the Rescue Station - around 5-6 inches fresh on the upper slopes.

Wall has drifted smooth with the fresh, but the spring snow bumps are still there and the new snow so soft you have to still ride the bumps!

Across the Wall and out the Wall Crossover was nice, it was catching quite a bit of fresh and being ignored.

Preparing to head up for another lap of the Main Basin outside the Rescue Station.

Boarder in the Main Basin which got better and better as the afternoon wore on.

Ski Patrol getting some late afternoon fresh tracks in the Main Basin, Plateau now white again below.

Could combat ski to the top of the Access Chair via the Plateau Run , some came down the Low Road. Fairly steady snow since close so should be better AM.

Winter's well and truly back, fresh snow on Mugs Alley at the base of the Cliffy.

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Earlier this morning the winchcat chugged up and down the Main Basin under a bluebird, laying out some nice corduroy that was a mix of granular spring snow and fresh snow. Which set up to give a smooth base for a fabulous afternoon that just got better and better with each run as the snow showers piled in one after the other often merging together for spells of heavy snow.

Around 5-6 inches of new snow fell today on the upper slopes with around 3 to 4 inches lying at the top of the Access Chair. With the wide groomer under the fresh it was difficult to leave the Main Basin and with moderate drifting and steady snow fall there was fresh tracks to be had each run. The overhead wasn't exactly late April like, but the smiles got broader as the afternoon went on!

The Wall and the Spring Run appear smooth with deeper fresh snow drifting in between the bumps, but as it's really soft and the spring snow bumps are still there you still have to ski the bumps until you get a bit of a rhythm for the bumps, then you can ride the deeper fresh in between, until there's a mogul in the wrong place... and faceplant!

Heavy snow has been falling to the base since the lifts closed, mesoscale models indicate there could be as much fresh snow to come again overnight. Indeed the NMM is very bullish saying there could be the same again on Tuesday. Overhead is thus likely to not be the best, so bring the full winter gear, facemask, goggles, warm gear and get ready to lay some end of April fresh lines on Meall a' Bhuiridh. Likely pick of the day for Tuesday - the Main Basin!
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