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Glencoe // Saturday 18th April 2015
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Looking along the top leg of Mugs Alley, provides a green route off the Cliffhanger Chairlift.

Steep spring snow turns in the Flypaper Bowl.

Preparing for take off from Creag Dhubh.

Main Basin wide and deep spring snow, being groomed several machines wide, but bumps building through the day.

Still some fun lines to be had on the crag under the Cliffhanger Chair.

The paraglider weren't the only thing soaring above Meall a' Bhuiridh, with a bank of kickers beside the Main Basin.

View from the top of the Spring Run.


Canyon is great fun with bumps building to the left, massive depth of snow here.

Spring snow bump bashing in the Main Basin's missing Haggis Trap.

One of many paragliders who launched from Creag Dhubh. Some managed to climb to near 7000ft.

The Spring Run is wide, bumps are starting to appear.

Soaring above Creag Dhubh.

Main Basin T-bar doing it's thing on the warmest day of the season.

Mind your head still under the Cliffhanger Chairlift!

Railslide in the Terrain Park, open to the public all day Sunday.

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Scorchio and hope you remembered your suncream this morning if you were sliding on Saturday! Despite the strong Sun and warm temperature the snow remained excellent granular spring snow thanks to the dry air and recent diurnal thaw/freeze cycling.

To cut a long story short it was a simply epic day of Spring riding and the forecast is set for more of the Same on Sunday, so if you can get up, then don't think twice about it - go for a slide!

Keep in mind it's closing weekend at Nevis Range in all probability so it looks like Sunday will be your last chance of the season to ride there, while Glencoe hopes to be open daily through and including Monday 4th May all being well on the weather front.

At Glencoe the bulk of the mid and upper runs which are formed from the natural snowfields and gullies on Meall a' Bhuiridh remain in fantastic shape with the full spectrum of green, blue, red and black terrain still on offer. However the Plateau Runs are broken, so green terrain is limited to Mugs Alley and the Bunny Run option off the Cliffhanger Chair.

Plateau Poma uptrack is still complete for access, and it's still possible to ski off the Access Chair onto the Poma, then ski direct to the middle lifts via Mugs Alley.

Expecting the snow to crunch up tonight in clear skies, so it maybe firm first thing but will quickly loosen to granular spring snow. On the steeper areas and bits the Piste Bashers don't / can't reach spring snow bumps are beginning to build. Best place if you want bumps is Thrombosis and below the Cliffy mid-mountain and the Spring Run on the upper mountain, but they will build in the Main Basin through the day.

If your looking for smoother spring snow have a look at the East Ridge, but beware of crevasses opening up around the bowl of the Flypaper.

The Park has a bank of kickers ranging form a large roller to pretty damn big kickers, there's a pipe jib, rail and a couple of boxes. There are also a couple of more mellow rollers to the side of the Main Basin beside the boxes.
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