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Nevis Range // Tuesday 3rd February 2015
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People have skied down - lower third of Downhill track doable, the problem is above there to above the deer fence!

Great beginner area right by the Top Gondola Station when conditions are as good as this.

Beginner Rope Tow - perfect for taking those first turns.

Bottom of the Linnhe, can click in right outside the Gondola door and glide over to the Linnhe, to access the Alpha and the rest of the mountain.

Linnhe Button doing it's thing. Quite bright on lower half of the mountain, but a bit of mist around the top.

Linnhe Run is perfect for snow plough turners, perfect weather and snow for learning on at present.

From the top of the Alpha Tow it looks like you could ski tour to Inverness!

Great cover on the front of the mountain.

Looking over the Goose T-bar to the Quad Chair beyond - full width cover right across here.

Looking up Goose Gully - huge width of snow on the aspect of the Goose.

Lower Goose in the late afternoon light.

Looking down to the Quad Chair drive, great wide cruising blues off it with machine packed powdery snow.

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An inch or two of fresh snow overnight topped things off nicely at Nevis Range with new snow lying to sea level in Fort William. Brightened up during the afternoon away from the very summit, where the mist tended to hang about. Even on the brighter lower mountain it was a chilly one, so definitely wrap up well if heading up this week, but the cold weather is keeping the surface conditions excellent from the Summit to the bottom of the Linnhe beginner tow just below the Top Gondola Station.

Nevis Range is currently in perfect shape for novices and snowplough turners and advancing early intermediates. Nevis is often overlooked as somewhere for more advanced riders, but the lower mountain is in great condition with excellent machine packed powdery snow. The nursery area served by the beginner Rope Tow and the Linnhe Button is also right by the Top of the Gondola and Snowgoose Restaurant, so it's an ideal spot for learning when conditions are like this.

Advancing from there, the Alpha and Rob Roy Tows and the links between them provide a range of meandering longer greens and easy blues, plus the Quad Chair provides some lengthy blues with a nice uniform gradient for laying out some carves on the packed powder corduroy.

Goose Gully is giving good sport for more advanced riders, full cover across that aspect from beyond the Quad Chair across the T-bar and Goose Gully.

For experts the Back Corries have been loading up with snow all season, there's great cover over there but still some instabilities in the snow pack, so it's been on limited patrol: please have a chat with patrol at the Summit for the latest info though when on site.
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