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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 22nd December 2014
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Looking down the Ciste T-bar and Fairway. Hopefully Tuesday will see lighter winds.

Area prepared for kids learning zone in the Top Basin.

Wide cover across most of the Ptarmigan Bowl. Firm but grippy snow here, dusting of fresh.

Zig Zags are thin on the corners, top two not too bad, best way then is over to Gunbarrel and down Cas uptrack (not if T-bar running).

Fairly wide cover on the Upper Cas and nice snow were groomed today.

Looking up the top of Coire Cas.

New fences have proved their worth at top of Traverse, often stripped clear previously in weather like yesterday.

Ciste Fairway (left of T-bar) fence to fence full length, good cover for early season.

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Still gusty winds on Monday regularly getting up above 50mph across the line of the Ciste Tow on the less exposed upper section meant that the uplift was again restricted to just the Funicular.

Though the Cas Tow probably could have run from the Top of the Gunbarrel in the afternoon and it would be useful as it would allow people to ski the upper Cas which has good snow cover without having to negotiate the Zig Zags and/or Gunbarrel every lap to do so, the Zig Zags though passable could do with as little use as possible until there is more snow.

On Monday the best route back to the mid-station was via the top 2 legs of the Zig Zags, then cutting back into the Gunbarrel and down the Cas T-bar uptrack (why the tow wasn't running from the bottom).

The Top Basin runs on CairnGorm retain good cover. The Ptarmigan Bowl is wide, the Ptarmigan Traverse is in good shape and the Fairway is full length fence to fence between the Ciste Tow and West Wall Poma.

Hopefully with relatively lighter winds forecast for Tuesday the top tows will finally be able to make a season debut that's been delayed by the constantly high winds.

Surface conditions were generally better than might have been expected on Monday, the only harder slick areas were around the top of the Traverse and bits of the 105, these could be avoided by heading out onto the Upper Cas which was ridding well.

Top was firm and grippy rather than hard and icy, but it may set up a little harder on Tuesday as the temperature will be a degree or two colder.
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