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Glencoe // Saturday 25th April 2015
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Top leg of Mugs Alley still good depth, but bottom leg broken, divert around via the Bunny Run or cat track cut on the High Road.

Easiest way around the break on Mugs Alley, come through gap in the fence on the corner of Mugs Alley.

There's a pisted track on the High Road, mind the drop if coming down Thrombosis.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar, not a T-shirt in sight unlike last Saturday!

Kickers in the Main Basin, pipe jibs and box have moved down to more sheltered ground at foot of Mugs Alley.

Hitting one of two pipe jibs under the Cliffy Chair.

Ride on Box on the lower part of Mugs Alley.

Spring Run wasn't a place to be early, but loosened up a bit later.

The Main Basin and the Canyon both still loaded with a deep cover.

Air over the pipe jib on Mugs Alley.

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A big contrast in the temperature from the t-shirt riding days of last weekend, the Summit stayed below 0°c all day on Saturday and it's expected to drop further tonight for Sunday. Indeed there's been a flurry or two at the carpark already this evening.

There hasn't been a huge change in cover over recent days, though the snow pack has slowly been thawing in the warm weather and that has broken about 1/4 of Mugs Alley, though there's still easier blue level routes around that using the Bunny Run or the pisted cat-track through the High Road below Thrombosis.

The principle upper and middle runs which are formed from deep natural snowfields and gullies retain great cover, so there is still plenty of terrain for confident intermediates upwards.

Snow will start firm in the morning, it did loosen up on the mid-mountain to nice spring snow. Early on the Main Basin on the groomer was the place to be and that may well be similar in the morning on Sunday.

The kickers are still in place on the Main Basin, but the pipe jibs and box have moved down onto Mugs Alley and can be lapped off the Cliffhanger Chair. Plateau Poma track is well broken now, so a 5-8minute walk across the Plateau to the Cafe is required to access the middle lifts - it's only about half the length and vertical rise of the Plateau Poma though!

Could still be some reasonable falls of snow to come as we go into the new week, so keep an eye on the webcams, we might squeeze in a late April powder day yet!
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