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Nevis Range // Thursday 5th February 2015
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Between the Goose and the Quad, wide cover from skiers right of Goose Gully to West of the Quad.

Looking down from the top of the Alpha at the mist hanging about below the inversion.

Sea of inversion mist sits over the sea lochs below Aonach Mor at sundown.

Looking down the Goose area at the end of the day, beautiful afternoon on the mountain.

Alpha Tow doing it's thing after lunchtime, Linnhe and Rope Tow area below great for novices.

After a misty start between inversion layers the Sun came out after lunch.

Summit and upper Goose was in the mist during the morning.

Multi layered inversion with cloud below and above mid morning - at the Goose T-bar drive station.

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It started claggy on top with a brighter layer mid-mountain sandwiched between inversion layers in the glen below and on the Summit of Aonach Mor.

By lunchtime it was brightening up, though initially that made for very flat light before the top layer of mist burnt off more completely giving a beautiful afternoon above a spectacular inversion vista below.

Fluctuating temperature and some softening from the dampness of the mist mean the snow is becoming more packed. It's likely to skin over tonight and thus be a bit firmer in the morning than it has been, but the pisting should still come up great and things are likely to loosen up more generally as day goes on.

There is good riding from the Summit to the Top of the Gondola and the beginner area adjacent to the Top Station is in great shape. The Rope Tow run is full width and is the one for those just taking their first steps, the Linnhe provides progression and for longer greens and blues the Alpha and Rob Roy combine nicely at present. The Quad Chair provides some wide cruising blues on the Fairway and Far West, while the Allt Sneachda provides some lower level fun for more advanced riders off the Quad Chair.

The Goose is wide with complete cover over to the fences runs skiers left of the Goose T-bar.

New webcam in the timing hut looking up Goose T-bar at www.winterhighland.info/cams/nevisrange .
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