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Glencoe // Tuesday 28th April 2015
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Catching a breather at the base of the Cliffhanger Chair - this no queues riding is tiring!

Take heed of the Flypaper Closed signs it slide this morning!

Can ski off the Access Chair and onto the Plateau Poma again! :)

Skier on lower Mugs Alley.

Freshies on Thrombosis in the morning.

Main Basin getting topped up again most of the afternoon.

Skier in the Haggis Trap on the Main Basin - still flat through!

Skier on the Cliffhanger, tracked up freshies on the Wall Crossover behind.

Ride on box and two pipe jibs on the bottom of Mugs Alley.

Snow fell much of the afternoon, with some quite gusty squally spells in the heavier showers.

Oops, skis recovered from peat hag far out East of the Low Road, Pole is site of touchdown!

Spring freshies on the Spring Run.

Cliffhanger Chairlift and the Canyon.

P is for Plateau Poma - open for access and run is passable at the end of the day.

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Early brightness faded as showers got going again to further top up the heavy overnight snow that put down around 4 inches even at Carpark level. There's been around 8-10 inches of new snow on the upper mountain with deeper windblown accumulations on the Main Basin and enough snow has stuck to allow the Plateau Poma to resume operation. So it's once again ski off the Access Chairlift and onto the Plateau Poma.

Visibility often wasn't the best on the upper mountain in the snow showers, but particularly in the intermittent brighter spells the Main Basin was an absolute blast. More snow is forecast tonight with the Euro4 and NMM mesoscale models suggesting 4 to 6 inches more fresh snow. This afternoon the drifting was starting to refresh the Main Basin so lots more fresh tracks should be on offer on Wednesday.

Happy Valley is skiable through the narrows again, though a bit of care required where the base is lacking. No such worries on the Spring Run, Main Basin, Wall, Wall Crossover, Canyon and Thrombosis which have an excellent base under the fresh snow. Mugs Alley is passable again, though it's better to use the Bunny Run or the High Road from the corner.

Plateau Poma Run and Low Road are skiable again, but cover is thin with what would be typical early season baseless conditions. Beware of hollows and peat hags etc on the Plateau... ahem!
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