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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 19th December 2014
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Home Road is doable with care, but is narrow but was mostly OK till near the Base Station.

Coire Cas was good skiing, when you could see it as it was collecting windblown fresh snow.

Looking up the Traverse from the corner where it flattens out...

Looking along the Traverse to the head of Coire Cas.

A brief clearing in the Ptarmigan Bowl, good cover but wind affected with a few scoured bits and big drifts.

Ciste Bowl looked to be catching snow today, but Top Tows yet to run because of the persistent high winds.

The newer diagonal fences at the side of the Ptarmigan Bowl have caught a huge amount of snow along with the new Ptarmigan Traverse.

Getting the new Ptarmigan Tow webcam setup up and running, don't expect to see a lot on it until the wind eases up! Live cams: www.winterhighland.info/cams/cairngorm-mountain .

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It was a pretty blowy Friday on CairnGorm but the temperature had come down so though the wind was making it feel absolutely baltic, it was at least snowing a good part of the day and where it was sticking on Coire Cas it was giving good turns.

However getting down the Traverse was an adventure some times with spells of complete whiteout and bodies strewn around the place! The Zig Zags are starting to improve again and are mostly OK, it's the third leg that is noticeably the poorest and it needs care but it might improve too as the wind swings round a bit more towards the NW overnight.

There are 2 T40 snow guns set up on the lower Zig Zags and 3 were being set up at the top and bottom of the Shelling Area on Friday. They are being readied to go all guns blazing when the temperature comes back down after a mild blast during daytime on Sunday.

If visibility allows, getting onto the Fiacaill Ridge from the Upper Cas will give the best cover back to the Daylodge Level on the Sideslope or through Jean's Bowl, but surface conditions might be very mixed here. Though thin and narrow the Home Road was mostly pretty easy going after being groomed.

Severe Gales overnight into the post dawn period, so check the latest situation in the morning.
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