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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 21st April 2015
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West Wall super Spring Snow. Now if only there was a chairlift!

A rail not male skiers in the Cas Shred!

Les heading for home on the Fiacaill Crossover. Quite a bit of walking now required to link patches on the Fiacaill and ridge.

White Lady now well broken, but bars still on the M1 Poma. Remember late April 2012? Could it happen again? Models are hinting at that sort of setup!

Ciste Bowl still in good shape with an easy rider cross course on skiers left of the bowl.

Empty Ciste Tow. Fairway still OK, but has narrow sections.

Fresh spring snow corduroy after a machine went up the Traverse! Still a good run from top to middle.

Some of the features in the Ptarmigan Park, but was closed in the afternoon as ramps / approaches being reshaped.

Re-shaping the Marquis Well Half Pipe just above the Ptarmigan Tow.

Obligatory top of the Ptarmigan Tow shot.

Wide cover across the Cas Boulderfield so still some features in the Cas Shred.

Mid section of Coire Cas still wide with deep cover. Gunbarrel good, though one worn bit right at bottom in middle. Top 2 Zig Zags passable.

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CairnGorm is still offering 1300ft of vertical with good top to middle station riding via the Ptarmigan Traverse, Traverse and the Cas and/or 105 and Gunbarrel. The open terrain is mostly limited to green runs, with just the 105 and Gunbarrel offering a couple of blues. No red or black runs are open or lift served, though the West Wall has great snow for those prepared to hike out!

Coire Cas itself has a pretty wide and deep cover still and is in good shape with nice quick crunchy spring snow. Gunbarrel is fairly flat still and mostly in good shape, but the usual worn spot is appearing just below the M1 Poma drive.

Top two legs of the Zig Zags are available for Gunbarrel avoidance, top leg is good, second is OK, but the link over is narrow. Gunbarrel itself is fairly easy going once the snow loosens up.

Top Basin runs all open, Ciste and Ptarmigan Bowls have good cover, but the Fairway is getting narrow in places and a few rocks poking through.

Ptarmigan Park was being worked on in the afternoon, contains several rails / boxes etc, a bank of big kickers and the halfpipe was being reshaped with the pipe cutter.
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