pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 9th May 2015
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Upper Cas still wide and deep, Gunbarrel fairly mellow but narrow at the bottom.

Top of the Traverse, still good cover from Ptarmigan Traverse round onto the Traverse proper.

105 nice crunchy granular spring snow, was quicker than the Cas.

Coire Cas still wide and deep cover above the Gunbarrel.

Boarder heads down the Traverse into Coire Cas.

Looking down the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Ciste Tow drive looking up the Ciste Bowl. Fairway was posted closed.

Skier launches off the larger kicker in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Looking up the Half Pipe from the Top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Raislide on the pipe jib by the Ptarmigan Tow.

Moody skies above the Ptarmigan Tow, a few flurries was all that it amounted to though.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl from just outside the Top Station.

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CairnGorm Mountain re-opened on Saturday morning for what's billed as the last weekend of the season. Apart from a brief flurry it was a mainly dry and fairly bright day with some decent Sunny spells after the initial mist cleared away, sadly the forecast is less promising for Sunday.

Worth checking in the morning because it's a bit hit or miss whether the main rain band will reach CairnGorm on Sunday, some of the mesoscale model data suggests only the odd shower and brighter spells, but risk of more persistent rain or at the top sleet. Wind could affect uplift as well, 40 gusting 60mph, but the Southerly direction might just allow something to run. Certainly check the situation in the morning.

In terms of the riding on offer it's the Ciste and Ptarmigan Bowls in the Top Basin (green), plus the Traverse and either the 105 or Cas into the Gunbarrel (mix green and blue) to the mid-station. Snow started quite firm first thing before loosening up, more spring like snow in places but where the surface was still fresher particularly off the prepared terrain it became a bit sticky. Parts of Coronation Wall was seeing action early, but it did get slow and sticky.

There are 2 large kickers with varied take offs and biggish rollers with less of a kick in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park, plus a pipe jib. Uplift was the Ciste and Ptarmigan T-bars, Polar Express Trainer Tow and the Funicular, picking up at the mid-station for Coire Cas.
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