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Glencoe // Wednesday 23rd January 2013
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Heading up the Access Chair.

Knee deep fresh in places in the Main Basin.

Old Mugs Alley fully complete again, most of it has a good base so nice riding.

Tracks around the Glencoe Ski Club Hut from Old Mugs Alley to the Cliffhanger.

Looking down over the corner of Mugs Alley to the Plateau Poma.

Plateau Poma Run and Low Road both much improved, Low Road best on 'wrong' side of the fence.

Looking down on the Plateau from the Spring Run.

Base of the Main Basin T-bar at 2800ft. Top Button track has filled in and can run if demand.

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While the forecasts had most people's eyes on the snow in the East yesterday, rather unexpectedly it kept snowing most of the night and all day Tuesday at Glencoe too.

By close of play on Tuesday there had been 20cm of fresh snow at Carpark level, and radar returns indicate 30cm plus at the top of the mountain - as indicated by knee deep powder this morning in the Main Basin.

The best riding is on the Main Basin, Happy Valley and Old Mugs Alley where there is a base, but things have improved across the hill and the Plateau Run and Low Road are now in decent shape. For experts the Spring Run was providing steeper fresh tracks.

The main lines of the Main Basin and Happy Valley are a mix of skier packed and skier tracked powder, but it should be a great Thursday with light winds and sunny spells forecast.

On Tuesday and Wednesday people were riding the Access Run back to the Carpark. The top 2/3rds is pretty decent riding, but the bottom third is pretty combat style riding - as the snow has drifted onto the outside of the Access Run fences.

If you can get up Thursday, go for it, another storm looks to be rolling in on Friday. There is uncertainty on the wind during daylight hours for the weekend, so keep a close eye on the forecasts.

Lots more photos in the Public Reports.
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