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Glenshee // Wednesday 27th February 2013
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Working on the Glas Maol Poma corner, seen up Center Gully from the A93.

Pisting the Meall Odhar T-bar line. Still huge banks of snow on the Caenlochan.

Runout to the Chair on the lower Tiger full width, various routes beyond the fences too.

Boarder on the Caenlochan Run on Meall Odhar.

Skier on Meall Odhar.

Looking over the tows to the fenced Meall Odhar Run.

Looking down the middle valley, Cluny Pomas to left, Meall Odhar Poma to right, Tom Dearg beyond - links all good.

Letting rip on the white expanse on Meall Odhar / Caenlochan.

Heading into Coire Fionn by the winding blue from the top of the Caenlochan Poma.

Headwall of Coire Fionn (Out of bounds area in the Southern Cairngorms NNR).

Looking up Glas Choire and the Glas Maol Poma.

View over Coire Fionn and Center Gully from the top of the Fionn Pomas.

Meall Odhar Poma, great groomers between the fences but lots of other options.

The Backpassage, more politely known as the Home Run!

The sorry, were you at work photo?

Carn Aosda Run and T-bar from below. Full width between the fences.

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Excellent cover remains on all runs with the long settled spell of weather, with plenty of options beyond the fences / marked and pisted trails esp on Meall Odhar, in Coire Fionn and on Glas Maol.

Base remains firm to hard packed, some loosening on sun lit slopes with a sugary layer where extensively groomed giving some great riding. Meall Odhar and particularly the Caenlochan side of the original Meall Odhar runs have been the pick recently.

That said there is good sport for all across the area. Surface conditions will vary day to day depending on prevailing weather conditions and through the day esp when Sunny like this, so always worth exploring through the day.

With good cover across the area no problems getting around as all the links are in great shape, so if you haven't been at Glenshee since the Baddoch Chair opened during last season now's a good time to visit and find out just how much this wee Chair has opened up the Cairnwell side and transformed access to and around the Cairnwell and Carn Aosda.

Thanks to Oldagepredator for the photos.
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