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Glencoe // Sunday 10th February 2013
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Boarders pondering the lower half of the red Access Run.

Heading for the Access Run from the top of the Access Chair.

Plateau Poma was very popular all day due to better light and visibility.

Good areas for sledging by the Eagles Rest at the top of the Access Chair.

Looking down the fence from the High Road onto Mugs Alley - great cover with the burn gullies filled flat.

Access run widens out again below the half way point, top 2/3rds was riding great today.

Bottom third of the Access is thin and baseless, but thanks to some summer grooming quite skiable.

Plateau Poma run was giving nice riding with wind blown fresh on a firm grippy base.

Boarder heads for the Cliffhanger via New Mugs Alley.

Erm, this is a view down the middle portion of the Main Basin. No zoom, no trickery!

Skiers getting some freshies skiers right of the Rannoch Button, snow was drifting in here all day.

Let my skis for five minutes to deice the wifi antenna at the top of the Main Basin and they almost vanished!

The Wall from the bottom of the Cliffhanger. Wall was seeing quite a bit of action, but quite hard under the fresh.

Mugs Alley was very popular, Cliffy was quite busy, but hardly anyone using the Wall Tow. (Taken at top of Cliffy).

Skiers heading down the Plateau Poma Run, this was the most popular lift all day.

It's snowed from start to end of the day (and still snowing at 6.30pm).

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Glencoe didn't see the bright and sunny spells hoped for, but that was made up for by the fact the frontal precipitation reached far enough North East for snow to fall constantly for the whole day.

At time of upload (6.30pm) snow was still falling steadily to below the bottom of the Access Chair. There's been around 5 inches of snow fall at the base. Radar returns indicate there has been around 8-10 inches of fresh on the mountain, with considerable drifting higher up.

Low cloud and blowing snow meant very limited visibility on the upper mountain and most people were sticking to the Plateau or mid mountain as a result, the Top T-bar being straight on all day. Upper slopes are fairly wind affected and the old base is harder at the top.

Mid-mountain the base was firm, but grippy with a nice layer of soft fresh snow, giving good sport on the Plateau Runs, and the variations of Mugs Alley.

Up top skiers right of the Rannoch Button was catching windblown fresh all day and was seeing regular attention from those with fatter skis. The Main Basin itself was a mix of scoured harder areas and drifted snow, if visibility was better it would have been more fun! Happy Valley was skiing better, a short scoured hard and icy section as you drop off the traverse over to it, but once in more uniform fresh on a firm grippy base than the Main Basin. Best fresh towards skiers right on Sunday.

Snow looks like it's set in for a while from the radar, though it's expected to clear to scattered showers later in the night another couple of inches look likely.

It's possible for advanced riders to ride all the way to the carpark giving 2400ft of vertical. The top two thirds of the Access Run was in good form today, a lovely firm packed base that took an edge beautifully under a layer of fresh. This made the slightly combat last third worth it, though very thin and baseless thanks to previous summer grooming it was still quite skiable all the way.

Monday will see snow showers die out to be replaced by brighter overhead, looks like it could shape up to be a good one. Once the Main Basin and Happy Valley are bashed out they should be riding pretty sweetly.
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