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Glencoe // Saturday 19th January 2013
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Icefall in the gorge below the Access Chairlift.

Low tide on the Plateau, but the Poma uptrack is complete for Access.

Old Mugs Alley is scoured at the top, but OK from there to the Cliffy (go skiers left of Glencoe Ski Club Hut).

Looking up the Main Basin, the narrower parts were catching the fresh.

Getting some turns in on the Main Basin. Hard but grippy base, with windblown powder. Just a few slicker patches.

Skiers heading into the Haggis Trap, but it can be bypassed with a pisted route through lower Happy Valley.

Returning from Happy Valley after avoiding the Haggis Trap on the Main Basin.

Wind packed powder along the fence lines. Plateau is more skiable than it looks.

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Most of these photos (except Plateau) were taken in the morning, but there were fairly steady snow showers in the afternoon which have helped freshen things up a bit more.

The principle action is in the Main Basin, which is fully complete but narrow. The base is hard, but mostly fairly grippy with just a few icier patches. Most of it has a covering of fresh, and the narrowest parts, which are confined by the usually buried gullies of the Main Basin were trapping the windblown powder. All in all for limited snow cover, the Main Basin wasn't skiing too badly.

The Plateau Poma is running principally for Access, but it is possible to ski the Plateau Poma Run for getting back to the Access Chair. That option requires skiing Mugs Alley and the top leg is not pretty but passable with care, but if your on your new kit, the Cliffhanger would be the recommended way down the mid-mountain but that leaves a 5min walk down the Access Return track to the top of the Access Chair.

Cliffhanger Chair is for access only to and from the upper mountain. Sadly there really isn't anything doing mid mountain. The Wall was looking slightly promising yesterday but the wind shifted the snow somewhere else overnight. Mugs Alley doesn't form a complete run, though sections of it are passable for access.

The trial T40 snow gun was running slightly further up the Plateau Run this evening. Fingers crossed the convective snow maker in the sky is working too!
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