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The Lecht // Friday 8th February 2013
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Looking down the Buzzard, Falcon and Harrier Pomas across the A939.

Skiers right of the Buzzard, some drifts higher up. Good fun when bright, rubber knees time when light went flat.

Top of the Buzzard Poma, this side was unpisted. Some nice windblown and wind packed snow. Uptrack drifted at top.

Looking up the Buzzard from the base of the Poma, bright spells between snow showers.

Kestral Poma, next step up from the nursery slopes served by the Robin / Wren and Magic Carpet.

Falcon Poma and runs from the Buzzard side. All uplift scheduled Saturday.

Base Lodge overlooks the nursery slopes, easy to pop in for a Hot Chocolate.

Looking up the beginner runs, two handle tows and a Magic Carpet make it ideal for starting kids off.

Between the Eagle Pomas was very nice, machine packed base with drifted snow on top.

Brightening up over the Eagle Pomas.

Boarder on the upper Eagle (skiers left of the Pomas).

Sun attempting to break through a snow shower, at the top of the Eagle.

View from the Grouse of the Nursery Slopes and base lodge. Rail Park has a number of features.

Skiers on the Eagle just above the cut back to the Grouse and Cafe.

Some fairly squally snow showers were coming in during the afternoon.

Looking out from the ground floor door of the Base Lodge. The Lecht is a fantastic place for kids to learn.

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A day of blustery snow showers and some brighter spells inbetween at the Lecht on Friday. A band of more organised snow was over the Cairngorms when these photos were uploaded around 6.30 on Friday evening.

Forecast models suggest 1 to 3cm of snow possible overnight for the Cairngorms, so the good cover at the Lecht should have another fresh layer on top to start Saturday.

All the main runs are fence to fence with a good cover of machine packed snow with drifts forming on some runs through the day on Friday. Sticking close to the fencelines that were drifting in give some fun ridges and windlips in the brighter spells, but were causing some embrassement when the light went flat!

There was a lovely groomed line one basher wide right down the outside of the Grouse Poma to skiers right, which ended in a series of natural rollers approaching the base of the Poma.

For those just starting out the nursery slopes served by the Magic Carpet and Robin / Wren handle tows are in great shape. The gentle Kestral Poma is the next step and it's also in good shape.

There were some offpiste lines being done on the Buzzard side in the afternoon for more experienced skiers and boarders, on Saturday both the Harrier and Falcon are scheduled. Harrier red and black looked in good shape from the road.

Well worth a visit over the half term period and on days when CairnGorm and Glenshee are fully open, the Lecht should be a relative haven of calmness in terms of crowds over the next few days.
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