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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 29th December 2012
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The Traverse is absolutely loaded still, that marker post sits on top a buried 1.65m high fence.

Upper Cas is quite narrow by it's standards in the mid-section, but was catching windblown fresh on Sat.

M1 Poma managed to ride out the storm on Saturday, the Cas Tow and Ptarmigan Tow closing early as the wind increased again.

White Lady has excellent cover, hard packed but with pockets of fresh.

Coire na Ciste from the Loch Morlich Boathouse. WWP track has survived the thaw.

Traffic streams of the mountain at nightfall (long exposure shot).

CairnGorm Mountain from Loch Morlich, wide view of the Northern Corries.

Despite thaw, still a fantastic early season base on the main mid mountain runs in Coire Cas. Fiacaill Ridge Poma track still intact.

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A few photos from Helen's report in the Public Reports and photos from the Loch Morlich Boathouse giving a general overview of the mountain during one of the clear spells between the showers in the afternoon.

The reduced cover on the open hillsides may make the thaw look quite drastic, but there's thankfully not been that much damage done to the main runs with a still very good base on the mid-mountain runs and almost total cover across the Top Basin area.

You get the idea of the extent to which the Ciste Gully is banked up onto the East Wall side from Loch Morlich, a huge amount of snow has been blown into it in recent storms.

Thankfully the WWP track has come through the thaw ok and the M2 is complete to at least the entrance to the Aonach Bowl, from where there is at least a doable line to the Poma. Not sure about the lower M2 and OverYonder, but OverYonder is in the lee of SW gales.

The Carpark Runs have broken in a couple of places but were passable with caution by experienced riders with very good edges - there has been a covering of fresh snow in Aviemore tonight which should have improved things.

Generally the snow set up firmer as the day went on, but there were areas of windblown fresh and more is forecast tonight. However very high winds are forecast, so please check the latest in the morning.
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