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Glencoe // Friday 1st February 2013
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End of a great Friday, brightening skies promise a fantastic Saturday.

Looking down on the Plateau Poma from the corner of Mugs Alley.

Looking up through the Haggis Trap, the drift shape encourages commitment to speed and the exit has some kick! Be sure it's clear.

Heading for the Plateau Poma from the Access Chair, note buried fence is 1m tall.

Just to clarify, the new fence line is the Old Mugs Alley.

Snow shower in the narrows of Happy Valley.

Lower Happy Valley, exit right at the yellow sign for top Tows or carry on for the Wall.

Ski Tow Gully has caught a lot of snow in the past week, all uplift scheduled for Saturday including Rannoch Button.

Boarder exits the Haggis Trap, Plateau Cafe below in the distance.

The Rescue Shed at the foot of the Main Basin T-bar looking suitably wintry.

The Canyon has been transformed by the past weeks weather.

Looking up from the foot of the Cliffhanger, lines being down around the Chairlift face.

Run outs from Old Mugs Alley either side of Glencoe Ski Club Hut to either Cliffy/Wall Tow or Plateau Cafe.

Boarders on the Plateau Poma Run as snow shower comes in.

Looking up the Low Road fence from the top of the Access to the Spring Run.

Spring Run middle and Rannoch Glades to the right from the foot of the Plateau Poma.

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Another 4 to 5 inches of snow fell overnight on Meall a' Bhuiridh, on top of the heavy falls during Thursday - that brings the storm total to around 10-12 inches at the Top of the Access Chair, a bit more up top.

Snow is a mix of windblown, skier packed and wind packed on the upper mountain, but fresh snow was slowly blowing into the Main Basin and Happy Valley through the day giving a fantastic surface. One or two hard patches near the top and in exposed places, but these are easily avoidable.

Mid Mountain the snow is slightly more packed now, a little chopped up of the groomers earlier but now starting to smooth out as skier packed snow. The Plateau and Low Road groomers are great riding for early intermediates upwards, off the groomers there was a little bit of a crust at plateau level but this should break up with use.

Overall there's some great riding to be had for all, the storms of the past week might have been a pain for those wanting to slide on the really wild days, but it means a huge amount of snow has been put in all the right places.

Good cover on all the options back to the Top of the Access Chair and all uplift is scheduled for Saturday. The sun is supposed to show up as well according to the mountain forecasts.
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