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Glencoe // Monday 24th December 2012
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Main Basin T-bar doing it's thing as it brightens up in the afternoon.

Getting some afternoon turns in, fresh snow was falling top of the Access by early afternoon.

Fresh snow fell much of the day on the upper Mountain.

The Low Road is providing fast nice skiing back to the Access Chair even if doesn't look like much.

Looking back up through the Haggis Trap, more snow needed in the gully below.

Looking down the Main Basin through the Haggis Trap to the top of the Wall T-bar.

Skier on the Main Basin, nice fresh soft snow.

Top Tows and upper Main Basin. Button uptrack looks complete.

This used to be an anemometer, it is telling us that it was windy at some point late last week !

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It was definitely a driech day at the bottom of the mountain on Christmas Eve, but snow was falling from about a third of the way up the Main Basin from the off.

Those that braved the early rain on the Access Chair were rewarded as the snow level fell through the day and the overhead progressively brightened up. By mid morning snow was falling to almost the bottom of the Cliffhanger and by early afternoon to the bottom of the Plateau Poma.

Best riding was on the Main Basin and Happy Valley which had been catching soft fresh snow for much of the day, the Low Road back across the Plateau was surprisingly decent too. Top of Mugs Alley was rather sticky, but the snow improved once again lower down with Old Mugs Alley the best route back to the Cliffhanger and Plateau Cafe (fork skiers left by the Glencoe Ski Club Hut for the Cliffy, you can take either fork for the Plateau Cafe).

Etive Glades was open, but don't know how it was riding as not heard any reports, nor managed to venture over that far myself between gathering together bits of weather stations!

Glencoe is closed on Christmas Day, but will open on Boxing Day which should be a decent day with light winds and a mix of Sunny Spells and snow showers. The NMM mesoscale model suggests there could be between 2 and 4 inches fresh snow fall over Christmas Day through the early hours of Boxing Day.

Photos by Alan Mackay and Andy Meldrum.
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