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Glencoe // Sunday 17th February 2013
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Mist came and went in a matter of seconds at the very top. Main Basin in good shape, deep cover, firm at top today.

Please... it helps everyone get up faster and that means more riding!

Skier taking in the view of Rannoch Moor from the base of the Top Tows.

Looking over the Plateau to the Wall. Both had great spring like snow today.

Learning to board on the Plateau.

From end of Old Mugs Alley, looking up to the Bunny Run, Thrombosis, High Road, Cliffhanger and the Canyon.

Looking down the Plateau, good riding for all. Few moderate offpiste lines good fun in the Spring Snow.

Skiers in Happy Valley heading for the narrows above the run out to the Top Tows.

Cross over into Etive Glades part way down Happy Valley.

Boarder sets off down Old Mugs Alley, there's a gully below that fence most of the way!

Group of young skiers at the fork in Old Mugs Alley - left for the Cafe and Cliffhanger, right for Access Return back to Poma.

Mid mountain from the foot of the Wall. High Road under the Cliffy crag and Bunny run good alts to Mugs Alley.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar was in and out of the hill fog, sometimes changing in seconds.

This was taken literally within a minute of the other shot at the top of the upper tows.

Skier in the Haggis Trap, looking down from the sidewall.

Meall a' Bhuiridh looking great from the Low Road which is wide with great crunchy spring snow.

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A day of two halves, a largely overcast morning, even when most areas around were brightening up with blue sky! However by late morning the hill fog did burn back to give some lovely sunny spells, but the mist came and went on and off from the very top of the mountain.

As a result the Summit stayed just below freezing so the top of the upper runs stayed firm, with a layer of sugary snow on top. From part way down the upper mountain the snow loosened up into granular spring snow.

The Plateau and easier mid mountain runs are in great shape meaning there is excellent sport for all abilities on offer. In the morning the Cliffhanger and Plateau were quite busy as they had good visibility, but people spread out more in the afternoon.

For more advanced riders, Thrombosis, the lines under the Cliffhanger and the Canyon were all good with the loose spring snow, but most people seemed to be of the view the Wall was the pick.

The Flypaper has been open some days recently, but is being assessed daily on the basis of visibility, surface conditions and snow pack stability - as the snow pack continues to evolve.

Forecast for Monday and Tuesday is excellent, bright sunshine above a possible inversion layer with little or no wind. Get up and play, a whole mountain of spring snow is pretty sweet.
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