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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 2nd March 2013
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Ciste Gully just above the Traverse to the lifts. Huge depth and great snow today.

Daylodge Run continues to offer nice sport for confident intermediates, great soft spring snow.

Looking down on the Fiacaill Ridge. Ridge Run good, some fun moderate off-piste from the Fiacaill Crossover to Carpark Tow.

Claggy and damp even when brighter elsewhere at the top on Sat. Sheiling much brighter / clearer for snowplough turners.

Aonach Bowl was just a perfect balance between smooth firm snowpack and loose spring surface for some big turns.

It's been the year of the White Lady so far, it has superb cover. Hopefully some Sun will make it even better on Sunday.

Looking up the wide and flat Coire Cas Gunbarrel.

Down the Cas Gunbarrel, Carpark Run below with the mini Sheiling Terrain Park.

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Some great Spring Snow on the 'Gorm on Saturday. Surface conditions quickly loosening up after crunching up overnight. A few laps on the White Lady and Aonach Bowl just as the surface was loosening this morning were sublime, even if the overhead tried to spoil the party a little.

Brightened up more promisingly at lunch, but it was a bit of a false dawn with a driech afternoon with the clag engulfing most of the hill and drizzle setting in. However the weather didn't spoil the snow with great riding to be had. Forecasts suggest the overhead should hopefully match the snow on Sunday, but things may well be firm first thing.

There is excellent top to bottom riding available with all routes to the Cas Carpark open and offering good sport including the Fiacaill Ridge. It's possible to do 1750ft vertical from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow to the foot of the Carpark T-bar entirely on green trails for early intermediates upwards.

Sheiling Tow area is in great shape and as well as the mini park this is also a good area for snowplough turners and those getting to grips with the tows, quieter than the Top.

The M2/Daylodge is good for a long blue level cruise as is the Fiacaill Traverse and it's possible to use the Fiacaill Crossover to get onto the Ridge and either head down it, or pick a line down to the Carpark Tow. Off the prepared trails needs to loosen up esp where tracked up, but when it does there will be some great fun spring snow turns to be had.

Ciste Gully and East Wall in great shape, with softer snow the traverse out to the West Wall Chair along the fence is much easier.

If the shuttle bus runs on Sunday the Aonach Ridge could be good fun, but check it out from below to know where the snow is and remember beyond OverYonder is outwith the Ski Patrol area. With good spring snow hard to pick a run of the day, but the Aonach Bowl mid-morning probably just steals it.
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