pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 9th May 2013
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Top of the Ptarmigan Traverse - black clouds around but mountain often in bright sunshine.

Boarder heads for the Traverse which is still so loaded the flat bit is shorter than usual!

Most people were going down the 105, leaving hardly touched crunchy spring snow Corduroy on the Upper Cas.

Two large kickers with graded take offs, or you can just treat the kicker bases as huge rollers.

Group on the Ptarmigan Traverse, Loch Morlich nestles below the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

New route to the Ciste Bowl & Ptarmigan T-bar from Top Station, follow the side of the Ciste Tow then through the diagonal fences.

Ciste Bowl was great for laying out some big quick turns in the crunchy spring snow.

Hitting the wide flat rail at the top of the Terrain Park.

Tube Rail in the upper section of the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Looking up the park to the crest of the Ptarmigan Bowl. Three easy ride on boxes suitable for park novices.

Wide short box, one of three similar ones.

Not quite the bluebird skies of Tuesday, but the White Lady was great fun again.

M1 Poma still doing it's thing and outlasting Coire Cas - that's a rarity!

Elephant hunting?

Mid Cas is narrow, but back to crunchy granular spring snow rather than running water!

The Gunbarrel is anything but narrow, wide & flat with a deep cover. Top 2 Zig Zags complete, but entrance needs patched up.

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Not quite the bluebird of Tuesday, but the mountain was often in bright sunshine, the clouds brought just the very occasional flurry.

Lighter winds and cooler temperatures have slowed the Spring Thaw for a bit. Now down to older snow so the surface conditions have been getting quicker again with fast granular spring snow.

1300ft of directly lift served vertical on offer to the mid-station via the White Lady and Traverse / Coire Cas and the M1 Poma is still running.

The White Lady remains the pick and still has enough width to take various lines to adjust the degree of bumpiness as you desire. The best route on to it is to head towards the Traverse and then cut over the Poma just at the M1/Traverse split. Alternatively head down the M1 RaceTrack a bit and crossover (watch the snow fences).

The Traverse is still loaded. The Gunbarrel is likewise in great shape and is basically still flat, but mid Cas is narrow. Top two Zig Zags have decent cover, but the entrance across the Cas uptrack needs patched up.

Up in the Top Basin the Ptarmigan Bowl and Ciste Bowl are both still in pretty good shape. The Ptarmigan Terrain Park has a range of features from some easy ride on boxes to massive kickers. The old rider cross course in the Ciste Bowl provides smaller mounds of snow for getting air off.

The Polar Express Trainer Tow is also still open, so there is a range of riding for all ability levels with a selection of green, blue and red terrain available.

If your prepared to do a bit of leg work, the Ciste Gully is simply superb, walking up to the corner of the Daylodge Poma and down to the Base Station requires much less climbing than skinning back out. Alternatively head on down as far as you can and walk out to the Carpark. The service bus can be flagged down at the end of the Link Road, but is 1.30 a go.
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