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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 8th January 2013
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TechnoAlpin T40's tied down against the recent gales, hopefully soon to be busy again.

Looking up the White Lady from just above the SSC Hut, sharp left and you can glide back to the train.

Skiers on the White Lady, blue nets guarding a couple of opportunities for an early bath.

Looking down the mid-section of the White Lady.

Skiers on the White Lady, the run of the day, though there wasn't much competition!

View over the Ptarmigan Bowl from inside the Restaurant.

Cas Gunbarrel stream still well covered, nice today with soft spring snow, but tomorrow?

Lower Zig Zag fine to the Pump House, short hoof required from there to the train.

Upper Zig Zag in good shape, middle legs fine for Gunbarrel avoidance.

The mid section of the Upper Cas was not pretty, best to head on to the Tow Track, then ski over the grass back onto the Run.

Snow salvaged from the 105 to make a link onto the Upper Cas.

Top of Coire Cas from the Tow Track crossover (where you currently merge in from 105).

Upper Cas, soft granular spring snow as it begun to crunch up in the afternoon.

End of the Road on the 105, diverted over to the Upper Cas.

Heading out from the Top Station, go skiers right of M1 bullwheel, then cross to skiers left for both Traverse and Lady.

Guess where the snow is. Imagine if there was a chairlift with a boardwalk to it from the run?

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The good news is that the thaw was finally halted this afternoon, the bad news is not before the remaining uptracks and some links broke overnight.

Tuesday's uplift was restricted to just the Funicular, but there are a couple of routes that still allow you to ride back onto the middle platform waiting area suitable for early intermediates u (Traverse, Cas, Gunbarrel / Zig Zags) and for more advanced riders the White Lady.

Snow was shoved up the remaining 105 and off the side to form a link onto the Upper Cas, where part way down the groomed line swapped onto the uptrack to by pass a short break at the hill road crossover. With colder temperatures it should be possible to tidy up Coire Cas a bit more for tomorrow.

The White Lady remains complete and was a blast on the slowly crunching up granular spring snow on Tuesday afternoon. Access by crossing to skiers left of the M1 Poma just below the bullwheel, then cutting back across the Poma track at the M1/Traverse Split. It's narrow with some rocks showing on the link to the Funicular underpass, but once under it the run opens out in width onto the main Lady snowfield.

The Zig Zags are complete as far as the Fiacaill Pumphouse on the 4th leg, but the runout to the mid-station broke overnight so a short hoof is required to regain the Funicular this way.

It's hoped that the Piste Bashers will be able to put the Ptarmigan Traverse and Bowl and links, along with the Ptarmigan uptrack back together now the colder weather has arrived. Keep up the snow dances.
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