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Glencoe // Sunday 17th March 2013
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You'll take the High Road... looking down onto the merge with Mugs Alley.

Canyon from Mugs Alley - some interesting lines through/off the crag into the Canyon from the Coe Cup competitors.

Boarder launches out of Thrombosis on the mid mountain.

Looking up the Wall T-bar from the base of the Tow.

Judges for Sunday's Coe Cup Runs which were moved from the Flypaper. Lots of lines under the Cliffhanger doable.

Below the top of the Cliffy brightened up for the afternoon. Plateau Runs are in excellent shape.

Great cover at the bottom of the Plateau Poma, best cover of the season.

With excellent cover on all the runs and inbetween in most cases there's great riding for all ability levels.

Deep cover on Old Mugs Alley, below the fence to the right is a small gully.

Top of the Plateau Poma before the lower mountain cleared up.

A typical view down Happy Valley, but underski conditions were superb and consistent.

When almost everyone decamped to the mid and lower mountain for the afternoon, it was straight on to the Top T-bar every lap!

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Poor visibility at all levels of the snowsports area in the morning didn't dampen the spirits too much with absolutely fabulous and consistent snow.

The cloudbase lifted in the afternoon leaving the Plateau and most of the mid mountain clear of the hill fog, though it clung to the upper mountain throughout the light if not the visibility actually improved as it started snowing again!

With everyone just about moving to the better visibility mid mountain and on the Plateau, the upper mountain was deserted in the afternoon and lap after lap of Happy Valley was straight onto the top T-bar.

From the top of the Access Chair all runs are in great shape, with excellent riding back to the Access Chair via the Plateau Poma Run, Low Road and the Access Return. All the options on Mugs Alley are loaded, indeed New and Old Mugs Alley are starting to merge into one big snow field!

Bunny Run was great as it wasn't seeing as much use as Mugs Alley so there were some moderate fairly fresh turns to be had. The Wall was probably one of the most popular runs of the day, skier packed snow as a result has had a top up of around 4-6 inches overnight.

More snow showers Tuesday, possibly a fine day Wednesday with light winds, you won't want to miss it.
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