pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 15th February 2013
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Burnside burn almost completely covered above bridge. Wide White Lady beyond mid-mountain.

Great top to bottom riding via both the Carpark Runs (pictured) and M2 / Daylodge Run.

Sheiling Terrain park, selection of wide boxes and a roller.

The Zig Zags are absolutely loaded, superb easy option to bypass the Gunbarrel. Chicken Gully good too.

Spotlight on the Ciste Tow, Ptarmigan Tow spun till 8pm.

Skiers going up the Ciste T-bar, glow from Ptarmigan Tow beyond.

This would have worked better on video, doing a spin for the camera.

Long exposure shot of the Ciste drive made the skiers disappear! If only the queues were that easy to get rid off !

Freshly laid corduroy to play on along the Ptarmigan Traverse and in the Bowl when the Ptarmigan reopened just after 6.30.

Looking up the Ciste Fairway and over the Bowl which had a more uniform light reflecting off the upper East Wall.

Instant queue for the Ptarmigan Tow when it started spinning again after pisting!

A different slant on the obligatory top of the Ptarmigan Tow photo, looking down the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Riding switch at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Skiers on the Ciste Fairway at night under the lights.

Ptarmigan Restaurant and beyond the lights of Aviemore (Top of Ciste Tow).

Possibly a hint to not hit the Traverse in the dark...

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The slowly fading light as 5pm ticked past and afternoon turned to evening didn't stop play on CairnGorm Mountain on Friday. As the mid mountain lifts shutdown, then the lower slopes people headed back up on the Funicular Railway where the Ciste and Ptarmigan Tow carried on into the evening.

The Ptarmigan Tow was closed for a while for pisting and reopened shortly after 6.30pm, helping spread people out around the Top Basin after a busy start to the evening session on the Ciste Tow. With the flood lights in place and benign weather forecast for early in the week, it's hoped to repeat the night skiing on at least one more night. Keep an eye on reports.

Elsewhere away from the Top Basin which has basically total cover, there is great top to Daylodge riding on offer via both the Carpark Runs and the M2/Daylodge route. Good cover on the lower slopes means there is a fairly gentle terrain park set up by the Sheiling Trainer Tow. A good bolt hole for some mucking about if the hill is busy.

The Daylodge Poma was proving popular on Friday afternoon, nice quite spring like snow. Some softening during the day, but with clear skies arriving with dusk the snow pack was firming up this evening. Expect a firm start, with some hardpacked areas, but it should soon loosen as the FL goes above the tops.

With diurnal freeze / thaw cycling there should be little snow loss but a gradual morphing of the snow to granular spring snow, so good riding that should get even better.

More daytime pix from around the mountain from H11lly in the Public Reports.
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