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Glencoe // Tuesday 26th February 2013
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Looking up the mountain from the base of the Plateau Poma Run.

Soaking up the late afternoon rays at the base of the Plateau.

Rope Tow beginner area, softened nicely in the Sun today.

Looking out over the Main Basin from the Rock Garden.

Catching the last of the afternoon Sun on the slopes in the Rock Garden.

Sweet turns in the Sun, but set hard fast as the shadows spread. Should loosen a bit again Wed.

Boarders strapping in at the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Low Road in superb condition, excellent wide cover and loosening up in the Sun.

Top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Happy Valley has a hard base but nice layer of loose sugary snow, will be good when groomed early in the day.

Not quite a traverse to Ben Nevis - heading out to Happy Valley.

Huge depth of snow on the Main Basin T-bar track.

Snow sculpture outside the Rescue Station. There's plenty more dotted about the mountain, how many can you find?

Lower Old Mugs Alley in the afternoon Sun.

Good cover on the Plateau Runs, softening in the Sun.

Mountain river is one long impressive ice flow under the Access Chair.

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Another bluebird day on Tuesday on the slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh and the same again on Wednesday is the forecast. So if you can get up for a mid-week slide, do it - just remember the Suncream and the Shades.

With inversion conditions the temperature on the mountain is expected to be above freezing, but the dry air will keep the snow firm out of the direct Sun. Slopes facing into the Sun or getting the Sun for much of the day should loosen up nicely.

Where groomed is giving a nice layer of loose sugary snow corduroy to start the day on a firm grippy base, but some icy patches will develop, more so late afternoon as slopes return to shade.

A weak frontal system will introduce more cloud and higher humidity on Thursday, breaking down the inversion conditions. Snow is expected to more widely loosen up into granular spring snow and Sunny spells should return on Friday - so potentially a truly outstanding weekend of Sun and Spring Snow.

A perfect combination to start of Spring in the Scottish Highlands if the forecasts hold. Spring is King...
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