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Glencoe // Saturday 22nd June 2013
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End of the run on the main portion of the Spring Run.

At the top of the main Spring Run patch - about half the run length.

Looking down the Spring Run - firmer crunchy Spring Snow here.

Small patch nearer the top of the Spring Run.

Looking over to the Main Basin on the walk round to the Spring Run.

End of the (safe) run in the Main Basin!

Top of the middle patch in the Main Basin.

See photo of skinning up...

...one person skinned up over this, no-one skied down!

Not an encouraging start to the day - heavens opened while on the Access Chair.

Just one more turn!

Heading out from the Spring Run to Mugs Alley.

The keen.

One last run - you should never have just one last run!

New section of red bike track appears through the trees near the foot of the Access Chair.

Getting some mid summer turns in on the Spring Run.

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Not an encouraging forecast, though a glimmer of hope that there might be a window of better conditions. Whether approaching from the North or the South the weather looked more promising than forecast - till about 10 miles away!

Up on Rannoch Moor it didn't look promising, so with the rain falling quite hard a little delay before heading up the Access Chair. With it easing slightly up we went, only for the Heaven's to open part way up!

Fortunately, that was the worst of the weather and though a few showers came through they were fairly short and there was some brighter spells. With no wind it wasn't cold and despite the damp calm conditions, fortunately no midges were detected either.

The Cliffhanger eased the ascent to the snow, from there a hike up the Main Basin to play on the three sizeable patches there before heading over for a final run down the Spring Run where the main patch is probably just about half the run length. Thanks to the Scottish Ski Club for letting us take refuge in the hut on the way up and to Glencoe for spinning the Cliffhanger Chair.
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