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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 6th January 2013
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Foot of the Gunbarrel, a quiet Sunday after Christmas!

Gunbarrel's soft spring snow turned into a luge track overnight, was softening by late morning.

Upper Cas looking through the tow track crossover.

Coire Cas is complete but quite narrow in places. Firm grippy snow slowly loosening.

The full length of the Zig Zags are complete, looking down the bottom leg.

Third leg of Zig Zags in good shape, groomed granular snow.

Top leg of the Zig Zags looking much healthier than the M1 RaceTrack beyond.

Still plenty of snow at the bottom of the M1 Poma, links in fine.

View down the Ptarmigan Traverse to the Top Station.

Skiers at the coroner of the Traverse onto the 105.

Top of the Ptarmigan Traverse. Both it and the direct route by the T-bar are complete.

Ptarmigan Bowl from the foot of the T-bar, bit of a different view from the last such photo I took!

Some water skiing possibilities due to running water crossing the link over to the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Winchcat parked up after reviving the washed out Ptarmigan Tow Track. Did you spot the palette boards?

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An overcast but fairly bright Sunday morning on CairnGorm Mountain which started more or less calm post dawn, but the wind quickly began to freshen as the morning wore on.

Thanks to some creative use of palette boards and snow shoving by the PB600 the Ptarmigan T-bar has an uptrack again and opened mid-morning for the first time since a week ago on Saturday.

The Ptarmigan Traverse is in decent shape and there is a complete link on snow from the M1 & Funicular over into the Bowl. Though the lift served riding is now limited to the Ptarmigan Bowl and Cas side mid-mountain runs it's still easy to move around the open terrain with all the necessary links still in place.

Mid mountain yesterdays fine spring snow started a bit glacial on Sunday, but the pisted stuff was more firm and grippy and the Traverse and 105 started loosening fairly quickly. The White Lady and Gunbarrel were icy to start, indeed the Gunbarrel resembled a luge track first thing. Both were softening by mid-morning.

The Fiacaill fenced run is now broken, so the Fiacaill Traverse is posted closed from the top of the Cas Tow. Coire Cas itself is complete for the full length, but the Upper Cas is quite narrow for it. The full length of the Zig Zags are complete and in good shape, the link over to the Gunbarrel and into the M1 Poma loading area are also complete.It's possible to ski into the Funicular queuing area at the middle.

There are ample nursery areas at the top and standing classes with Ski School are also using the foot of the White Lady and areas immediately around the middle platform.
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