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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 9th February 2013
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Home Road in good shape, allows the Lady to be easily skied using the Daylodge and West Wall Pomas.

Boarder hits a box in the Sheiling Terrain Park. Selection of boxes, rails and gentle roller.

The Zig Zags are absolutely loaded, great run for those wishing to avoid the Gunbarrel.

Very busy outside the Ptarmigan / Top Station!

M1 Poma above and below the mist, multi-layered inversion giving some weird effects today.

M1 RaceTrack in good shape, exiting via Horizon Road and using the lower 105 was great and hardly a soul using that route.

Slalom training by the top of the M1 Poma.

Daylodge was frequently in the clag, but further up different levels the mountain cleared from time to time.

Burnside has good cover, but the Daylodge level was engulfed in the clag again at the end of the day.

Looking across the Ptarmigan Bowl to the Restaurant from the Ptarmigan Tow. Great cover for learning.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Tow which was often in a clear zone between layers of hill fog.

Looking back up the Sheiling Mini Park, a selection of boxes and rails and roller.

Hitting a Box in the Sheiling Park. Sheiling Tow was quiet, so great for hitting the shred features.

Top two legs of the Zig Zags virtually merged into one. Chicken Gully also well filled.

Daylodge Run was very nice all day. Great for improving intermediates with varied changes in pitch and gentle rollers.

Top of the Traverse in something of a Scotch Mist sandwich, there's between 2 and 3m of snow at the top of the Traverse!

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More overcast than expected on CairnGorm today, but it was a bit of a strange day weatherwise with a multi layered inversion! The layers kept shifting about too, so various altitudinal bands of the mountain were alternatively in the clear zone then in the clag.

The Daylodge often in the clag then clear above part way up the lower slopes, but then another band of hill fog clinging to the upper part of the mid-mountain, while the Ptarmigan Bowl was often above that.

The milder moist air meant the snow softened at almost all levels, this give nice surface conditions on Saturday but will colder temperatures returning overnight the snow is expected to skin over tonight.

Queues generally surprisingly small away from the Funicular, M1 Poma had it's moments, but mostly it was moving fairly quickly. WWP varied on the Overyonder side from 10-12minutes to virtually straight on, people seemed to be arriving in waves and it quietened right down later meaning the DLP/WWP was a good way to do the Lady as the Home Road is in decent nick.

The Ciste Gully is absolutely loaded and giving good sport, traverse out over the lower West Wall has improved too.
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