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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 13th June 2013
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Ciste Gully from the West Wall Chairlift Station, having walked here along the boardwalk was greeted by a sign...

Looking back up the Ciste Gully from just below No 1 Gully. Several tracks from earlier in the day.

A bit of a collapse has seen the end retreat a bit, but still complete to below the fenced traverse to the WWC.

Heading into the Ciste Gully proper, still pretty wide and flat.

Looking down the Ciste Gully, still complete to nearer the boardwalk than the fenceline.

Time of year finally catching up with bottom of the Ciste Bowl into the Gully, but still 1.1km of run from the solid stuff.

Tracks in the Ciste Mhearaidh. Still complete a good bit down the burn, but snow much sticker than in the Ciste Gully.

Last of the snow in the main part of the Ciste Bowl.

Looking over the site of the Ptarmigan Terrain Park, still huge mounts of snow.

Spot the birdies, a couple of Ptarmigan keep a wary eye on me in the Ciste Mhearaidh.

Cas Headwall and beyond in Sneachda, the Goat Track and Point 5 Gully still have a fair bit of snow.

Ciste Gully still rocking with just a week to the Summer Solstice, hopefully the weather doesn't do anything bad over the week!

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Over the past week there's been a wee bit of a retreat at the bottom and a bit of collapsing at the top where the Ciste Bowl runs into the Ciste Gully. None the less we are just a week away from the Summer Solstice and the Ciste Gully is still offering virtually 1000ft of vertical and just over 1.1km of run length!

GPS measured 986ft vertical from the first solid snow - a bit over 1000ft with burn dodging in the Ciste Bowl possible for a day or too yet.

Over the back the Ciste Mhearaidh still has a large snow field, still complete into the steepening burn gully but runs out a bit above the waterfall now. However the snow here was softer and stickier, it's slowness even with a tailwind was marked, when compared to the fast granular spring snow of the Ciste Gully (even with a headwind on Thursday).

Elsewhere in the Snowsports Area the Ptarmigan Bowl still has a large patch with huge piles of snow in the heart of the Bowl where the Terrain Park was. There's still some snow clinging on in the Gunbarrel and the middle third of the White Lady still has a sizeable snow field. Still decent banks of snow lining a good chunk of the Traverse too.

If heading up for the Ciste Gully, a bit of vertical can be saved by cutting off from the Windy Ridge path over into the lower part of the Ciste Bowl. Though some refreshments in the Ptarmigan make it worth a bit more walking which also allows a muck around in the Top Basin snow patches.

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