pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 6th May 2013
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Approaching the end of the line as far as the Carpark Run goes... walk from here (or take the Funicular down from middle).

Helen gets some steep spring snow turns in on Coronation Wall.

Some early evening turns in on Coire Cas after the lifts shut on the run out from Coronation Wall.

Laying out the first turn as the snow opens up before steepening on Coronation Wall.

Top two Zig Zags still in good shape. 4th Zig Zag just passable, but better to head over to lower Gunbarrel which is wide and flat.

The Traverse Motorway still banked out well above the fences at the top, fences showing lower down - but snow still above them!

Spring Snow, Spring Bumps - for some this is what the White Lady is all about.

Excellent fast crunchy spring snow on the M1 RaceTrack, top third great, but very narrow on steeper pitch and Horizon Road.

White Lady via Lady Luck. Fairway full width & fence deep at top, narrowing where exposed to the warm west wind lower down.

White Lady still wide and deep, the spring snow was getting better all day - tomorrow should be a blast in the Sun.

Fast, crunchy spring snow without the bumps skiers left of the fences on the White Lady.

Gates and bumps on the upper White Lady earlier in the day!

M1 Poma still going strong.

Mid Cas is getting narrow, running water where the ground is frozen and the stream usually runs below the surface!! Good nonsense when warm and Sunny! :)

A selection of easier ride on wide boxes to skiers left of the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Polar Express Trainer Tow still doing it's thing. Plenty of options for all levels still on the 'Gorm.

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If you love the bumps, come and help build them bigger in the Sun on Tuesday, the White Lady is still wide and deep!

If you're not so keen on bumps, using the Upper M1 to get onto the Lady and staying skiers left of the Elephant fence will get you a flatter line. With the Lady so wide you can pick a line to maximise or minimise the bumps as you please.

Though the White Lady was definitely the focal point of the day, there's still plenty of riding for all ability levels. Though with an ongoing thaw, the time of year was catching up with the M1 and Fiacaill, both these were still passable on Monday.

From the top to the middle there is still an easy cruise via the Traverse (absolutely loaded), Coire Cas and then the top two legs of the Zig Zags, bottom of the Gunbarrel is wide and flat, it's about as easy an introduction to the Gunbarrel as there ever will be.

Up top the Terrain Park has a range of features from easy wide ride on boxes to huge kickers. The Bowl is still pretty wide but slushy on skiers right. Ciste Bowl is still good and the Fairway is complete, but getting narrow and thinner lower down.

The ongoing thaw at present means there will be some further snow loss overnight, Cas Tow will need assessed AM. Ciste, Ptarmigan Tows and Polar Express at the top, M1 mid mountain and the Funicular (mid stopping) look fine for tomorrow.

Spring has finally sprung, with a warm sunny day forecast for Tuesday, so get the shades and suncream and grab some of the spring fun while you can.

If your happy to do some leg work, Coronation Wall was sweet smooth steep spring snow on Monday afternoon. Ciste Gully is complete to well below the boardwalks, worth arranging a car drop in the Ciste Carpark!
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