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Glencoe // Wednesday 27th February 2013
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Etive Glades will come good if the snow loosens into Spring Snow.

Sun setting on the Main Basin late on a bluebird Wednesday.

Simply luscious granular spring snow on the East Ridge.

Beautiful spring snow turns on the East Ridge - lots of options when the snow soft.

Making tracks from the top of the Flypaper onto the East Ridge.

Checking out the options lower down the East Ridge - remember to keep an eye out for the lowest traverse to the tows.

At the very top of the East Ridge / Flypaper.

Skiers right of the Top Tows, the Rock Garden area is sweet once it loosens up.

Breathtaking views over Rannoch Moor rounding the hill to the top of the Spring Run & Flypaper.

Boarder carves a turn in the Main Basin, being groomed 8-10machine widths.

Spring Run and corner of Mugs Alley centre photo, from the very wide Low Road.

Shadows starting to creep across the Flypaper, lots of options all over this area when soft.

Old Mugs Alley in great shape, indeed all the Mugs Alley options are.

Foot of the Plateau Poma run looking up to the top tows and the Main Basin.

The Wall from the deck of the Plateau Cafe.

Outside dining in the unbroken winter Sunshine at the Plateau Cafe.

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A simply beautiful day to be in the mountains and a total flat calm on the Access Chair where the anemometer didn't move at all when in sight both up and down.

Milder temps above an inversion, but with not as dry air as early last week meant that when the Sun got to work on favoured aspects the snow loosened into perfect granular Spring Snow. This allowed the Flypaper to open for a portion of the day before the shadows started to creep across early afternoon, but the East Ridge kept the Sun longer and was simply fantastic.

Check with patrol for the latest info on these areas and keep in mind surface conditions have been changing dramatically through the day as well as day to day in the recent spell of very settled weather.

If precipitous looking steeps are not your thing, fear not with a superb base across the mountain there is lots of options for all, from the gentle rope tow trainer area up. All the options on Mugs Alley have excellent cover and the Plateau Runs are in very good shape too. However if you do want steeps, patrol reckon the upper pitch of the main face of the Flypaper is thanks to snow lie this season at the 50degree mark!

The Main Basin and Happy Valley are being extensively pisted. Happy Valley had an excellent layer of machine groomed sugary snow, but a few slicker patches developed later. Main Basin stayed good all day.

A weak weather front is forecast to bring more cloud on through Thursday, but this should gradually give way for Sunny Spells to develop again Friday. The inversion also looks like breaking down, which with the FL around the higher summits or just above by day should mean a more general loosening of the snowpack to Spring Snow without a real thaw.

If the whole mountain turns to Spring Snow, it's going to be off the scale epicness.... Meteorological Spring starts Friday and it looks like Spring might indeed be king!
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