pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 16th May 2013
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Fresh snow filled in between the bumps a bit on the Lady for Thursday.

Looking over Coronation Wall to the Headwall from the Traverse.

Watch the birdy...

Looking down the Ptarmigan Traverse to the Top Station.

High on Coronation Wall, steep fresh tracks on 16th May!

Fresh tracks in the Ciste Gully if you were prepared to do some leg work.

Good cover still in the Ciste Bowl, various mounds from the old ridercross course to get air off.

Upper Cas and Gunbarrel still in good shape, middle of Cas narrow but well pisted.

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Fresh snow on top of the firm spring snow base gave great riding on the open terrain. Steep fresh tracks to be had on Coronation Wall, and also more fresh tracks were to be had in the Ciste Gully for those prepared to hoof out. Still complete to below the boardwalks, the options are leave a car (or catch the service bus) which means the walk is downhill, or walkout to the Funicular via the corner of the Daylodge Poma - some uphill but not as much as skinning back out.

If you want the lifts to do all the work, then the Traverse, Cas and Gunbarrel are still giving a good run top to middle for early intermediates up. The White Lady is still mostly wide and deep with growing bumps for more advanced riders.

The Ptarmigan and Ciste Bowls still have good cover in the Top Basin and the Ptarmigan Terrain Park has usually had about 9 rail / box features out including 2-3 easy novice ride on boxes, plus 2 large and 2 moderate kickers. There's smaller mounds of snow to get air off in the Ciste Bowl.

Day tickets now reduced to 20 pounds for adults, if you have a valid 2013 Season Pass from another Scottish Snowsports Area, show it at the Ticket Office for a complimentary day ticket.
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