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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 18th February 2013
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Top Basin open into the night.

End of a beautiful day.

Ice Bar outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Top Station floodlights illuminate the gloom as dusk fades to night on CairnGorm.

Fading dusk glow on the Horizon, a bluebird day gives way to a starry night.

The lights of Aviemore in the distance below the Ciste Tow.

Top of the Ciste Tow at night.

One of the mobile lighting rigs on the Ciste Fairway.

Skiers on the Ciste Fairway.

Ciste Tow doing it's thing approaching 8 o'clock at night in the dark.

The obligatory top of the Ptarmigan Tow shot - with a difference.

White Lady, M1 SideTrack, Poma and RaceTrack from the Fiacaill Ridge.

Deep bank of snow at the base of the M1 Poma.

Kickers and things in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Closed for the night, down - flat - down rail in the Ptarmigan Park.

Meall a' Bhuachaille glows in the very last of the afternoon rays beyond the Ciste Fairway.

White Lady is wide, firm to hard and a bit polished in places. Sharp edges for good turns.

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Superb weather with virtually no wind, hardly a cloud in the sky and hours of unbroken sunshine - followed by a colourful dusk and night turns under the stars (and floodlights) in the Top Basin till a bit after 8pm.

There is great cover across the main runs with good riding back to the Daylodge via the Carpark Runs and M2/Daylodge. Plenty of terrain for all ability levels.

The snow pack stayed much firmer than on Sunday despite the temperature nudging +13°c at the SSC Hut at 2500ft for a time on Monday - welcome to the crazy world of the Inversion! Very low dewpoints being the factor at play here. The extent to which the snow will soften up or not on Tuesday is a bit of an unknown, sunlit aspects have the best chance and recently groomed areas will have a layer of looser snow.

The Top Basin tonight was firm but fairly grippy for the most part with a layer of loose sugary snow - the Ciste Bowl was the best but not seeing much traffic. Mid mountain the snow on the White Lady was hardpacked and a bit polished in places by the end of the day. Overnight pisting should help, but whenver the snow is firm to hard, good sharp edges are critical to your enjoyment factor!

There are two terrain parks, a small one with relatively easy features including wide boxes and a small kicker / roller in the Sheiling Park, large kickers and a couple of somewhat more intimidating looking rails in the Ptarmigan Park.

Please check out the Public Reports for more daytime photos from around CairnGorm Mountain in recent days.
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