pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 10th December 2012
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Looking down the 105 as the mist starts to lift above the lower mountain.

Link from the Zig Zags to M1 Poma in good shape.

Starting to brighten up a bit over Coire Cas during the afternoon.

Ciste Fairway was offering good easy turns on groomed fresh snow.

Winchcat heading up the Traverse.

Pisted fresh snow corduroy on the upper M1 RaceTrack, best run exiting via Horizon Road.

M1 Poma and Funicular, good cover into M1 Loading Area.

Snow shower at the Top Station.

M1 Poma doing it's thing, beginning to clear a bit up top!

Spot the drop off, that boarder was standing up!

Boards outside the Ptarmigan, light improved slowly through the afternoon.

Still a base along the Laogh Mor Return fences to the Ciste Carpark.

Heading down the bottom of the Gunbarrel.

T40 blowing snow onto the Sheiling area of the Carpark Run.

Burnside in reasonable nick, decent riding back to base.

Looking up the Daylodge Poma and Run.

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Light snow showers continued for much of Monday on CairnGorm, but the light did improve during the afternoon and the cloud base slowly lifted up the mountain.

Surface conditions were much more enjoyable than might have been expected after the weekend thaw/freeze, thanks to a combination of new snow and the base being mainly firm, but grippy.

Top Basin was giving sweet early season turns, ideal for getting your ski legs back before tackling more of the mountain. The top of the Traverse which was icy on Sunday has benefited from extensive piste basher traffic which has loosened up the base to give more granular snow under the covering of fresh.

A couple of harder patches on the Upper Cas just above the Zig Zags, but the Traverse, most of the Cas and 105 were good this afternoon. Zig Zags are fully complete and in good condition thanks to the extensive snow making last week, link to M1 Poma good.

Run of the day was upper M1 RaceTrack out via Horizon Road then either the lower 105 or Zig Zags back to the Poma. Carpark Tow opened in the afternoon and saw some use from those taking advantage of the lifting cloud base.

Forecast looks good for Tuesday and Wednesday, a few snow showers possible tomorrow morning, before high pressure builds in more strongly.
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