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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 24th February 2013
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With no Funicular the Top Basin was quiet with a nice layer of loose fresh snow.

Top of the Fairway, Top Tows quiet.

Daylodge Piste continues to be good for confident intermediates upwards.

Short novice flat box in the Sheiling Terrain Park.

The 'Gorm from the Level 4 balcony at the Daylodge.

Hitting the roller in the Sheiling Park.

Railslide on the hort rail in the Sheiling Park.

Flat-Down wide box in the Sheiling Terrain Park.

Looking down the Sheiling, best snow on the hill with nice layer of machine made fresh snow.

Two T40 snow guns have been running since Friday morning by the Sheiling Tow.

Heading for the Cas from the M1 via Horizon Road.

Chicken Gully has been great fun the past few days, well worth a visit for a few turns.

Alternative take on the M1, from here down and across to Horizon Road, then down Chicken Gully.

Immediately skiers left of the Poma was good, part way down here then over via Horizon Road toChicken Gully was a good run.

M1 Poma and the White Lady. Daylodge & West Wall Pomas better option at the weekend.

Slush Gully below the Carpark T-bar is well filled, but remember there's a mountain river under there!

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A few sunny spells between snow showers, so a bit of new snow to slightly freshen things up on Sunday.

Across the vast majority of runs there is a great base with extensive terrain for all ability levels with good riding back to the Daylodge level in Coire Cas. Advanced riders who know the way can get back to the Ciste on hard but grippy off-piste snow via the Aonach Ridge (beyond patrol area).

Where the base is nice and grippy or there was a layer of loose sugary snow from the pisting the new snow on top made for nice riding, but some areas remain hard packed and the base was getting a bit slicker in places again compared to Friday.

With the Daylodge and West Wall Poma being used heavily as a way of getting to the Top Station, OverYonder saw a lot of traffic today and had some fairly extensive icy patches - so go carefully here.

Chicken Gully was great fun again today, Sheiling Tow area was the nicest riding thanks to the layer of machine made snow from the T40s. Snow making is ongoing this evening there and on the lower leg of the Zig Zags - the full length of which has great cover.

Daylodge Run is in very good condition and continues to be one of the more consistent runs, so is a good bet for confident intermediates. Coire Cas is hardpacked and rather icy, improves lower down the Gunbarrel.

Skiers left of the M1 Poma, then cutting onto the RaceTrack just above Horizon Road, then out Horizon Road across the Cas to the Zig Zags, then into Chicken Gully and back to either the Poma or onward down to the DLP was the best mid-mountain run on the Cas side Sunday.
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