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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 3rd March 2013
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Getting some perfect spring snow turns in at dusk, about to drop onto the Headwall of Coire Laogh Mor.

Great cover at the top of the M1 Poma. Lady Luck or cut over from Traverse/M1 Split best way to Lady.

Sunny shinning on Coire Cas from the top of a still very banked out Traverse.

Wide and in great shape, the White Lady has been epic Spring Snow sport recently.

Cranking it up in the Aonach Bowl, been very good all weekend.

Skiers in No 2 Gully on the East Wall, from the West Wall which opened Sunday - fun Spring Snow steeps.

Top of the Ptarmigan Tow, fences nearly buried up here.

Waiting to hit the big kicker in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Largest of the kickers in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park. Top Basin cover excellent.

Looking to the Ciste Carpark and Loch Morlich below from the Laogh Mor Return.

Much brighter day than Saturday with some nice sunny spells.

Boarder on the Daylodge Run, few worn bits in the middle as it faces the warmth of the afternoon Sun, but still in good shape.

Daylodge Run. All runs to Cas Carpark in good shape.

Trying out a new toy in the Top Basin.

Looking good....

Fiacaill Ridge Poma, Ridge Run good riding, few narrow bits but nice snow today. Can get onto it from Fiacaill Traverse via the Fiacaill Crossover.

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While not a bluebird day, Sunday was much brighter with Sunny Spells and once again the snow loosened quite quickly to give some great Spring Snow riding.

With excellent surface conditions the West Wall finally opened on Sunday, the best line being straight down the fall-line from the marked entrance of Ryvoan into the Ciste Gully then getting the lower Ciste Gully in too.

The Aonach Ridge was seeing a bit more traffic as well and had nice Spring Snow giving a long run from the top of the hill to the Ciste Carpark via the M2, top of OverYonder then traversing round the hill following the Aonach Ridge fences. Takes you out where the Shuttle Bus stops so did a few laps today!

The Laogh Mor Return was also seeing some use, it is skiable, though bit of creative route finding to get back to the fences out of the Coire. The headwall of Laogh Mor was outstanding after the lifts closed the Spring Snow was starting to crunch up, really fast and smooth - definite run of the day. Requires a bit of walking to get too and not one to try if the snow isn't soft as the runouts of any slide is into boulderfields!

Remember Laogh Mor and the Aonach Ridge are beyond the patrolled area. Within in the snowsports area the runs are nearly all still in great shape with lots of options for all ability levels.

A mini park at the Sheiling has 2 small boxes, 1 rail and a roller. The large Ptarmigan Terrain Park is in great shape and has several large kickers as well as rails, boxes and a tyre jib. See here for photos of park features.
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