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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 19th April 2013
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Skiers on the West Wall Poma looking over the Fairway from the Ciste T-bar.

Skiers on the upper White Lady, all routes in good, Lady Luck loaded.

Rider Cross courses in the Ciste Bowl, bermed track to left, roller course to right.

Boarder heads down the Carpark Run. Buried fences at top of Sheiling due to snow making!

Heading for home via the Carpark Run, still top to Daylodge riding on offer.

Ptarmigan Bowl has wide cover so loads of space, despite massive terrain park.

Re-building the Ptarmigan Park for the weekend after the storms earlier in the week.

The White Lady in simply awesome condition.

Can you guess which of the 3 lines by Sheiling Tow had a snow gun near the bottom?

Traverse is still completely banked out, full vertical all by greens for early intermediates.

Chicken Gully great fun as it has been much of the season. Check out drift below top Zig Zag leg!

All legs of the Zig Zags and link to M1 Poma and Cas Tow all in great shape still.

Skier heads along the bank of snow between the upper legs of the Zig Zags.

White Lady and M1 from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma. Upper M1 good, best to exit to Gunbarrel via Horizon Road.

Fresh tracks showing up in the Aonach Bowl on Friday lunchtime.

Ciste Gully still absolutely loaded and complete to way below the boardwalk.

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After a frustrating week of strong winds and some further thaw interludes, things finally settled down to give a great Friday on the 'Gorm.

A covering of fresh snow meant fresh tracks in the morning and by afternoon great spring riding on the White Lady in particular which is in superb shape. The snow was still dry and quite fresh in the Top Basin, so maybe some fresh still to be found for those touring on the Plateau on Saturday.

Top Basin runs all good, park being rebuilt in the Ptarmigan Bowl for the weekend and the rider cross courses still a blast in the Ciste Bowl. Further down the Ciste side the Ciste Gully is still absolutely loaded, though a hoof along the boardwalks is required - alternatively if a shuttle bus is required, about a 5 min hoof is all that's required to get out the lower gully so that could be an option for a longer run. Stay well spaced out on the boardwalk or risk going through it!!!

Despite the thaw since last Saturday there is still top to Daylodge riding on offer, with 1750ft of vertical to the very bottom of the Carpark Run. Sheiling area has mostly good cover, the left most fenced track still in perfect shape thanks to snow making. Burnside is complete and in reasonable shape to the top Daylodge Bridge, thin below it.
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