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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 21st April 2013
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The West Wall without doubt the run of the day with as perfect granular spring snow as you'll find!

White Lady still loaded, just a hint of spring snow bumps appearing.

Looking up a still loaded Ciste Gully, great fun, but the West Wall stole the show on Sunday.

Top leg of the Zig Zags looking to the Fiacaill Crossover, possible alternative route to Carpark if FRP not on.

Looking down the third leg of the Zig Zags, all great cover including links to Cas Tow and M1 Poma.

Late afternoon turns on the lower White Lady, heading for home after the lifts shut.

Burnside still passable to top Daylodge Bridge, don't go round the next corner at speed though!

Looking up Coire Cas to a bulging Headwall from the 105.

Possibly contemplating the benefits of snow making at the Sheiling Shred on the lower mountain.

2 short flat ride on boxes to get started on park stuff in the Sheiling Shred mini-park by the Sheiling Tow.

Launching in the Sheiling Shred area - make sure landing is clear!

Snowboard club doing a spot of freestyle coaching in the Ptarmigan Park.

A wide flat rail at the top of the Ptarmigan Park, also a wide tube rail before the more sinister flat-down kinked rail on the crest.

View of the Ptarmigan Park kickers from the top of the kinked flat-down rail on the crest of the Ptarmigan Bowl.

View up the Ciste Bowl, rider cross courses with various berms and roller lines to the right (skiers left).

There is a reason why there's a chairlift just to the left...

Looking down the Ciste Fairway, good sport for snow plough turners up in the Top Basin. M2 a rock garden!

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After limited uplift on Saturday, the forecasts suggesting overnight gales lasting into the morning seems to have put many off. With the mountain markedly quieter than Friday.

As it turned out it was a fine Sunday with long periods of Sunshine. A couple of snow showers and not much wind, though it did freshen up markedly near the end of play - a hint at the very stormy Monday to come.

CairnGorm is still top to Daylodge - just, Burnside is getting very thin and narrow in a few places but is still comfortably passable to the top Daylodge Bridge, providing you go carefully! There are a couple of opportunities to practice pond skimming below the Sheiling Tow too... The Sheiling portion is still in good shape thanks to earlier snow making and the Sheiling Shred still has a couple of wee boxes to play on.

Mid mountain the stand out of the day was the West Wall, access as often late season was tricky, but the reward was absolutely perfect granular spring snow and hugging the flank of the Wall allowed direct return to the Poma without dropping into the Ciste Gully from where you need to walk along the boardwalks (carefully).

Cas side most mid mountain runs are still in excellent shape, the exception being the lower M1 RaceTrack. The upper RaceTrack is still fence to fence and it provides a good varied run out via Horizon Road and down either the Gunbarrel or Chicken Run back to the M1 Poma.

The White Lady retains fantastic cover top to bottom and there was a hint of spring snow bumps building today. All ways into the Lady are viable, but the direct route by the old tow line gives the full length of the run and Lady Luck has the best cover.

All top runs are in good shape, wide cover still in the Ciste and Ptarmigan Bowls. Ptarmigan Terrain Park rebuilt on Friday and the Ciste Bowl rider cross courses are still there. Back lower down the Aonach Bowl was worth a blast, it's often overlooked, esp late in the season.
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