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Glencoe // Tuesday 30th April 2013
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Clouded over for a time in the afternoon, but only a few flurries fell today.

Taking a breather on the way up at the base of Ski Tow Gully, still very deep cover here.

Perfect bluebird skies above Meall a' Bhuiridh's Spring Run from the base of the Plateau Poma.

Looking down Old Mugs Alley, quite a bit of new drifting here.

Still good cover around all the links around the mid-station level.

Looking down to the Haggis Trap from the cross over to Ski Tow Gully.

Windpacked powder in the upper Main Basin.

Looking down the Happy Valley narrows from the crossover to avoid the Haggis Trap (still good).

New drifts outside the Rescue Station at 2800ft.

Approaching the Cliffhanger top station on the skin up via Mugs Alley.

The steeper corner pitch of Mugs Alley, some hefty new drifts here.

Looking down the Plateau Poma up track. Can be used for getting down at the end of the day.

Newly drifted snow in the Canyon!

Spring Run and Flypaper through the carriers on the Access Chair.

Access Chair still ski off to the Poma and the end of April.

The Main Basin and Happy Valley seen from the Access Chair below the KB garage and Eagles Rest.

Hmmm this looks promising, shame the tows aren't on during the week!

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Photos from around the slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh, on what was a skin to the Summit to attempt to fix the Summit Webcam at the top of the Main Basin T-bar. As of Tuesday evening it is working!

A bluebird start to Tuesday, persisted till early afternoon when cloud started to bubble up, got a wee bit blustery for a while, but the forecast showers amounted to only a few flurries at Glencoe.

There has however been quite a bit of fresh snow from showers over recent days accompanied by drifting. Upper Main Basin has a wide cover of windpacked powdery snow. Top of Happy Valley much more mixed, but would groom up nicely.

Rock Garden is firm and grippy, would soften into beautiful spring snow on a less cold day. Lower Main Basin has fresh snow, some drifting and the link to Happy Valley to miss the Haggis Trap is good. Lower Happy Valley windblown soft fresh snow.

Mugs Alley is complete, big drifts have built up on the steep pitch. Old Mugs Alley also has quite a bit of softer windblown fresh. Runs out to Cliffhanger complete and the Bunny Run, High Road and Thrombosis are loaded. Cornice building in the Canyon.

Though the tows are closed during the week, the Access Chair is open daily weather permitting. Ski Tows are scheduled to reopen on Saturday 4th May for the Bank Holiday weekend including Monday. As of Tuesday afternoon all uplift except the Beginner Rope Tow could operate, including the Plateau Poma for Access.
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