pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 23rd January 2013
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Heading out from the Funicular, observe the avalanche warning flags - keep off Coronation Wall.

It's all a bit back to front on the Ciste Fairway with the snow coming from the East.

White Lady is in great shape, you can go both sides of the fences a good way down. Runouts in great shape.

Boarder heading for the M1 RaceTrack from the top of the Poma.

All four legs of the Zig Zags are in great shape. There is an enormous drift downslope of the top Zig!

White Lady via M1 SideTrack, couple of scoured hard bits. Lady Luck loaded, but like a rumble strip as no-one using it.

Piste Bashers queue up at the foot of the White Lady near the end of the day.

Upper Cas has improved, though still narrow by it's standard. Can be a feature of winters with plenty snow from the East.

Carpark Run, with White lady beyond from CP T-bar. Offpiste windpacked powder on the East Lady.

Carpark Run has improved, see the depth of snow around the snow gun area at the top of the Sheiling.

Top of the Carpark T-bar and lower Zig Zag leg from the Cas loading gantry.

Gunbarrel is wide and flat. Many feet of snow in the middle of it now.

T40 back on as the slopes quieten towards the end of the day on Wednesday, at the top of the Carpark Run.

Daylodge looking seasonal again, some fresh tracks been had in the Daylodge Glades (see through gap between buildings).

Aonach Bowl is complete from M2 link to WWP. Uptrack there or there abouts, OverYonder may not be quite there.

Ciste Gully and East Wall absolutely loaded. Ciste Gully complete below base of the former Aonach Poma.

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CairnGorm got open first thing with surface lifts, with the Funicular coming on around lunchtime. There is now good top to Daylodge riding on offer giving 1750ft of vertical to the bottom of the Carpark T-bar.

There is some fantastic riding to be had for all ability levels and with the forecast for light winds and sunny spells, if you can get up Thursday, do it!

A stormy forecast for later Friday and uncertain for the weekend at this stage, keep an eye on the outlook.

The Upper Cas has improved, but is still narrow by it's standards, a symptom of Easterly gales. However once in the Gunbarrel it's a different story, it's wide and flat.

If you still don't fancy the Gunbarrel, the Zig Zags are in excellent shape for their full length. The Carpark Runs are improved too so there is a decent cruise available top to bottom off the Funicular for early intermediates upwards.

For the more advanced the White Lady and M1 are in great shape, the White Lady is being pisted to skiers left and being left to it's own devices towards skiers right. Small packed powder bumps were beginning to form.

There is off-piste to be had on windpacked powder on the East Lady, access by traversing over from the White Lady. Steeper areas such as Coronation Wall and the Headwall are very unstable - keep off! Any queries about where you can go, speak to ski patrol.

The big one we're waiting for is the West Wall Poma opening for the Ciste Gully which is absolutely loaded. The Aonach Bowl is complete from the M2 also. Daylodge Run is complete and some moderate (if baseless) off-piste to be found in the Daylodge Glades.

Pick of the Day was the Upper M1 RaceTrack, out via Horizon Road and down the Cas Gunbarrel to the M1 Poma.
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