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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 22nd February 2013
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Upper Cas is hard and fairly slick, some loose sugary snow to start, but there was much better snow to be found Fri.

Fenced Fiacaill Run was grippy and better than the Upper Cas, but slick area just above the fenced run needs caution.

Zig Zags in good condition with an excellent cover on all legs for those wanting to avoid the Gunbarrel.

Full cover in the Top Basin. Good where pisted, but became a bit scrapped with some icy patches later.

Large kicker in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park ahead of Sat's Comp.

Boarders outside the Top Station.

Chicken Gully was excellent today, really grippy snow that you could lay out some nice turns on. Huge change from Tues.

Daylodge Run has been consistently good this week, much under-rated run for more confident intermediates up.

Snow making on the Sheiling Area today, both guns going tonight - nice layer of loose snow through the day.

Easy flat box in the Sheiling Terrain Park, see Public Reports for specific park report.

Ptarmigan Bowl. quite hard packed and getting a bit scrapped later on. Sheiling might be better for snowplough turners.

Ice Bar and furniture proved popular for lunch in the Sun today!

The final drop down above the Link Road, skiing to the Ciste Carpark at the end of Friday.

Boarder on the 2nd leg of the Zig Zags, Chicken Gully was great on Friday too.

Ski School's dedicated kids zone at the edge of the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Overview of the White Lady, M1 SideTrack and M1 RaceTrack from Carpark Tow.

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A bluebird Friday for the last mid-week day of the half term period. Having expected surface conditions to continue to get harder through the week, a bit of a pleasant surprise on Friday to find that though colder than early in the week, a combination of extensive pisting, colder but less dry air and continuing settled weather mean surface conditions have actually come back to us a bit.

Chicken Gully was excellent fun all day on Friday, grippy and immaculately groomed, still firm enough that it didn't cut up so from first to last you could layout some nice turns on it. The contrast from Tuesday when it was the definition of boiler plate was stark.

What's more it was just a small version of the White Lady which was similar, transformed from an inclined ice rink early in the week to wide, firm, grippy but fantastically groomed blast that you could layout some big turns on. More surprisingly still was the Home Road which was the best snow on the hill and meant lapping the Lady via the Daylodge and West Wall Pomas was a real goer. With firm underski conditions putting people off the WWP that might be a way to beat any queues at the M1 Sat.

The East Wall No1 Gully good for advanced riders, Ciste Gully fairly decent but not as nice as No 1 as it's in the shade almost all day.

Top Basin will be fine in the morning, but heavy traffic will see some scrapped and icy patches develop. With the snow guns running the Sheiling area had a nice softer layer Fri and might be nicer for snowplough turners.

Coire Cas is hardpacked and quite icy, though the lower Gunbarrel had some nice loose snow. From the top a good cruise today was the Traverse, top half 105, short bit of the mid Cas, then down Chicken Gully and back to the lower Gunbarrel.

Sharp edges will mean more enjoyment for more of the day over more of the mountain! Races on the White Lady Sat and Freestyle Comp in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.
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