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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 15th January 2013
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Zig Zags are fully complete and in decent shape for a gentle cruise back to the mid-station.

Looking up the Upper Cas to top of the Cas Tow. Upper Cas slowly improving and tow could just about run now.

Skiers on the Upper Cas, good layer of loose fresh. Riding like a shallow pipe down into the Gunnbarrel.

Sundown on the Traverse late on Tuesday afternoon. Traverse wide and deep.

Bluebird skies on Tuesday afternoon, forecast is good for more of the same Wednesday.

White Lady, got slightly chopped up with some scrapped patches, if groomed will be fantastic first thing.

Tracked up fresh in the burn course of the White Lady. A few icy patches on the pisted line into Skirt.

M1 RaceTrack filling, but baseless, sharks lurking - but someone got fresh tracks regardless!

The 105 is fully open again, but thin with a few rocks from the hill road below showing. Upper Cas is better.

TechnoAlpin T40 blowing snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl which now has a good wide base of machine made snow.

Waves of machine made snow that have landed in the top of the Ciste Bowl. Ciste uptrack pisted this afternoon.

Looking up the now wide Ptarmigan Bowl thanks to the snow making.

View down to Strathspey from the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Boarders head for home at the end of the day at the top of Burnside. Skiable to Daylodge with care.

Two of the T40's in action at the top of the lower slopes, third being positioned by the winchcat.

Expensive toys outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant. Snow gun was later moved to lower mountain.

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The bluebird escaped the cage and looks like being flying free above CairnGorm Mountain for the next couple of days, with light winds and plenty of sunshine forecast for both Wednesday and Thursday.

Then it could be all change on Friday as a storm system moves in bringing severe gales and snow developing from the West. Certainly a case of play while you can the next couple of days, then watch the weather closely.

There was around 4 to 5 inches of fresh snow on CairnGorm overnight and it's transformed the surface conditions, greatly freshening everything up. One or two scrapped icy patches developed later Tuesday, more so on steeper areas, but pisting will sort that out for the morning.

What is groomed overnight should start with superb machine packed powder corduroy, so it looks pretty sweet for a mid-week slide.

The Ptarmigan Bowl and Ptarmigan Traverse are in good shape and there is good runs from the top to the middle for early intermediates through more advanced riders, via either the Traverse, Cas, Gunbarrel or Zig Zags and the White Lady for more advanced riders.

The mid section of the Cas and Gunbarrel are riding as a shallow pipe and the shape helped stop the fresh snow getting scrapped off as it stayed in the hollow. On the White Lady the area to skiers left of the markers developed a few polished patches late in the afternoon, while the burn gully was skier tracked fresh. Did get a bit choppy but should pack down to skier packed powder with more use. The marked route into the Skirt is icy, the fresh snow getting shoved off the narrow pisted bit, staying in the burn course and cutting across below the poles was much more pleasant.

The Ciste Tow Track and top of Coire Cas were pisted so hopefully we are getting close to getting one or more of these tows on. The Ciste Gully has a superb base to the boardwalks, but more snow is required on the West Wall Poma track.

Advanced riders can get to the Daylodge via Burnside with care, thin cover of skier packed fresh snow. Get up and play in the sun if you can over the next couple of days.
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