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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 31st March 2013
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Boarder heads into the lower narrows of the Ciste Gully.

Piste Basher widening out the runout in the Ciste Gully at 1800ft!

Aonach Bowl in amazing shape, full length pisted several machines wide into the Ciste Gully, perfect packed powder.

Rounding the corner between the fences into the narrow lowermost portion of the Ciste Gully below the Chairlift.

Perfect corduroy packed powder in the fenced lower Aonach Bowl.

Possibly the run of the day, the full length of the Aonach Bowl out the Ciste Gully.

Overview of the Top Basin from the base of the Ciste Tow.

Ptarmigan Tow and the now massive Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl (and a lesson in how not to queue...), the marked box is there for a reason!

Daylodge Run in excellent shape as it has been much of the season. Daylodge Glades good fun too.

Heading down OverYonder, Aonach Bowl mid-distance, East Wall beyond - all loaded, all excellent.

Looking down the Daylodge Poma. Can hit the lower Aonach Bowl and out the Ciste Gully using it and Shuttle Bus.

View up the M2 from top of the Daylodge Poma / OverYonder.

Carpark Run and Sheiling Tow. Sheiling Shred has 2 low short rails and 2 wide novices boxes.

Sheiling Gully (below White Lady) more of a ridge after the massive drifts pisted out. Beautiful snow.

Ciste Gully at the boardwalk to the carpark. Laogh Mor Return also complete and pisted.

Heading up the boardwalk to the Chairlift err shuttle bus... www.savetheciste.com

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Is it red nose day? Oops!! Another fantastic day on the mountain and extensive work with the machines to doze out some of the massive drifted accumulations is opening up some very sweet machine packed powder corduroy in places that you may well have never seen a Piste Basher before!

The huge drifts below the top of the Home Road have been pisted out down Sheiling Gully, merging back into the Home Road. This allows the full length of the White Lady (and a bit more) to be hit rather than cutting back to the M1 Poma.

Over in the Ciste a machine was working to widen out the runout in the lower Ciste Gully and there is now 3 pisted routes to the Ciste Carpark. For more advanced riders the full length of the Ciste Gully is the obvious one, but perhaps the run of the day was the full length of the Aonach Bowl, and the M2 -> Aonach Bowl -> Ciste Gully is an alternative route top to bottom on the Ciste Side.

Beyond Coire na Ciste the Laogh Mor Return is also pisted to the Carpark. Just below the fence line there is a wide slope with a gentle runout that looks to have been pisted that was very popular with people sledging!

More photos of the Cas side of the mountain in H11lly's Public Report.
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